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  1. toddmc

    Seasoned drummer transitioning from acoustic to e kit to practicing.

    I know right- Rosewood is about the only decent tom sound on the Roland TD10 :)
  2. toddmc

    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    Yeah, me too pardner- back in mah day we didn't need no new-fangled gadgets, we just done hit them calf-skins stretched over a tin bucket and I don't remember no-one complainin'!! Yee-Haww!!!
  3. toddmc

    Seasoned drummer transitioning from acoustic to e kit to practicing.

    Not many negatives for me (except for the learning curve of how to wrangle with modules/ triggers, etc). Go for an A2E setup if you want to keep that acoustic aesthetic though (that way you can at least feel like you're still behind an acoustic set).
  4. toddmc

    Dream Kit progress.

    Good luck finding Artstars and Granstars too (hopefully they're a bit easier to find in Europe)!
  5. toddmc

    One foot out the door

    Just a thought (if you really don't want to start playing the bass drum with your left foot) but maybe triggers can help? There's plenty of products out there where you can place the trigger underneath the bass drum pedal (you don't even need a beater) so you don't need to generate much power...
  6. toddmc

    What are you doing today as a drummer?

    Trolling ebay/ reverb and obsessing over which kit to buy (as usual) 🤔
  7. toddmc

    Getting fired from the band

    Well said mate- couldn't agree more. The whole "everything happens for a reason" chestnut really annoys me as well- it's just something we say when something moderately bad happens (ie didn't get that job/ went through a break-up/ fired from a band).
  8. toddmc

    Saving edits on the Alesis D4

    Just another tip: You might want to have the module plugged in and turned on while you replace the lithium battery in order to save any edits you've already made otherwise it may default back to factory pre-sets. I had to do this with a Roland TD-10 and managed to keep everything saved (be...
  9. toddmc

    Jazz to some people...

    Haha- no disrespect meant to Mr Bender of course :) If he was from Timbuktu I could maybe understand it but I can tell you we get bombarded with Ms Swift 24/7 here in Oz so I can only imagine what her coverage is like in the US of A!
  10. toddmc

    Jazz to some people...

    You had to google Taylor Swift?? How old ARE you? (If a 44 year old metal-head knows who she is you've got no excuse)! 😅 😅
  11. toddmc

    Jazz to some people...

    Honestly, I wouldn't wouldn't feel the least bit compelled to do anything but maybe that's because I've been conditioned to accept that metal is an "unacceptable" form of music to most people and I'm totally OK with that (hell, it's probably half the appeal). As for changing people's opinions...
  12. toddmc

    Which Instrument or Instrumentation are the Drum Sets Master.

    I've never written a song in my life but from what I've seen/ read from band interviews over the years is that 9 times out of 10 the guitarist comes up with the riff first and everything else about the song evolves form there? (Although sometimes the drummer comes up with a certain beat first...
  13. toddmc

    Jazz to some people...

    Totally agree- they're just two sides of the same coin. Why say anything at all- it's not like you're going to change their mind? When someone says they can't stand that heavy metal rubbish, my first inclination isn't to blast Slayer in their face in the hopes they will suddenly be converted...
  14. toddmc

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    I know, right? I visited it as a kid and remember thinking how huge it was but the seating capacity inside is only 5738 (although but much larger events happen outside in the forecourt). Fun fact: the inside space is actually refrigerated instead of air-conditoned. Make sure you come up to...
  15. toddmc

    Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz in Stranger Things 3

    I wouldn't say I can't stand season 3 but they've definitely lost a bit of that genuine 80's vibe they captured in the first 2 seasons.
  16. toddmc

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    No mate, ANZ stadium (the Opera House itself is actually a fairly small venue).
  17. toddmc

    Drumming With Damaged Ear / Possible Tinnitus

    Guys, I used to do the same thing (almost). Used a product called Ceremol to loosen up earwax (which didn't really work) followed by blasting out the wax with water from a syringe. I used to wait until there was such wax build-up that I was almost deaf in that ear before performing this...
  18. toddmc

    Upcoming Concerts and Shows

    Good old Metallica with Slipknot in Sydney in October 🤘
  19. toddmc

    Seeking advice on how to improve my acoustic setup. Thanks :)

    I think you're just suffering from "E-drum syndrome" (a totally real medical condition 😉) whereby you've become accustomed to the versatility of e-drums as far as placement goes (eg smaller pads in place of full size toms). I went through the same thing when going from a Roland pad to an A2E...
  20. toddmc

    Dave Lombardo

    Yep it's a damn shame. Was all set to see him tear it up with Slayer at the Soundwave festival that year when it all went down. Don't get me wrong- Jon Dette did a great job filling in (for BOTH Charlie Benante with Anthrax and Dave) but nothing beats seeing the originals of course.