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  1. Bo Eder

    I've gone Frankenstein mode (again?)

    Yes, I have a beautiful natural maple Pearl Reference kit complete with ICON rack and some heavy hardware that I love to play (more importantly I take it out of the house often too). But lately I've really been digging on the drums I've been taking apart and putting back together. I've...
  2. Bo Eder

    More Devo from last night

    On this one, the wife was moving around in the crowd so it was cool to hear the audience reaction during the last song of the show! After the first verse I decided to just stop using the hi hats and went to ride cymbal for the rest of It!
  3. Bo Eder

    Show Night with the Devo Tribute band!

    So I got the wife to wield the video camera on this one - it sounds great, but the low light gave us grainy video. This is the first song of our set after we've taken the stage during the Devo Corporate anthem. The Pearl orphan kit sounded awesome and I think the girls in the front row...
  4. Bo Eder

    Pearl Rhythm Traveler snare - not bad

    So I spent some time futzing with my Pearl 5x13 Rhythm Traveler snare and I was pleasantly surprised. I installed good heads (coated emperor and ambassador snare side) and good wires (PureSound 20-strand), and had to replace the strainer with a Ludwig P-85 I had lying around, and tuned...
  5. Bo Eder

    Hey now! A booking agent!

    So I guess we’re moving up some! We now have a booking agent! He’s added us to his website and a formal bio is forthcoming. This must be good news? Check It out:
  6. Bo Eder

    Looks a little weird but it sounds good!

    So when I got my Pearl Rhythm Traveler, I had two issues: single-headed toms don’t cut it, and you can’t ask that 5x13 snare to act like your usual (insert your favorite snare here). I decided to jettison the three concert toms and added a 8x12 rack tom and a 14x14 floor tom. I tried making...
  7. Bo Eder

    My anti-NAMM performance video!

    After this weekend, it’s difficult to accept that what I’ve seen displayed in product demos, and by the show offs on the showroom floor, that THAT isn’t the way it is as a working drummer. Ironic, eh? So I’ve had to talk myself down and remind myself how it really is in the world of working as...
  8. Bo Eder

    Brush with greatness!

    How cool is this? I go to the Pearl room at NAMM and met the famous Jay Osmond! He's also playing Pearl and he was the nicest man I've ever met. We got to chat for a bit, and of course, his concern was the crowds at Disneyland across the street! I wanted to chat about all the Ludwig drums...
  9. Bo Eder

    I need this!

    So Vox is a division of Korg and they re-introduced the Telstar drumset from the 60s (not a full-blown replica of the original, just mainly the bass drum). I SO need this kit for the Devo band. But they said they may ship in three months. So it’s true. NAMM stands for “Not Available, Maybe...
  10. Bo Eder

    An overlooked big deal from Pearl

    Hung out at NAMM today and nobody has really talked about it, but I think this is a big deal. The first thing I noticed when I got to the Pearl room today was that the Session Select drums feature a brand new finish: gloss birch. Remember for a few years now, if you wanted a glossy natural...
  11. Bo Eder

    Heading into NAMM

    Anybody need anything?
  12. Bo Eder

    What a difference a coating makes!

    So I’m totally digging the new Ludwig Classic Maples, but I noticed how critical head selection can be. I initially installed a Evans 56 calf front head on the bass drum, and I was diggin the mellow lowness of the drum, but I noticed it lacked the bark that the other drums have. When I laid...
  13. Bo Eder

    I couldn’t help it. I missed THE sound.

    2019 Ludwig classic maple in blue sparkle 22x16 16x16 12x8 14x6.5 snare the only mod I did was install my own front reso and the floor tom got the Pearl legs with the floating feet. Just out of the boxes I got the SOUND. happy new year!
  14. Bo Eder

    Installing a BB-3 on the bass drum!

    OK I could use some help from some people who may own vintage Pearl stuff. I have a 26x14 bass drum and want to install a double tom mount. Can someone measure their 14" deep bass drum and let me know how far the front edge of the mount is from the front edge of the bass drum? The tom...
  15. Bo Eder

    And since I was at it....

    After completing my traditional kit build today, I lamented the anemic single-headed toms that came with my Pearl Rhythm Traveler set. I know they're ok, and they'll do in a pinch, but to me it's like I'm not putting my best foot forward at a rehearsal, or a gig that I could use the kit on. So...
  16. Bo Eder

    A completed project!

    So I've been collecting some orphaned Pearl shells and I've finally completed a traditional kit that I plan to use to work. It started out as a Pearl Session 22x16 bass drum wrapped in blue, a Pearl 16x16 Export floor tom in black, and a 1970s 13x9 Pearl mahogany rack tom that was wrapped in a...
  17. Bo Eder

    More from this band....

    OK. Groovy 8th notes now. Rhythm Traveler holding its own.
  18. Bo Eder

    The Rhythm Traveler shuffle!

    Here's an example of trying to stay on the backside of the quarter note. I've always noticed that bands who do this tune always pick it up and rush through it, even here the band is pulling away, but I manage to sit on it for the most part. I love un-rushed shuffles!
  19. Bo Eder

    Asking for a friend

    So you’re playing with a band that is managed well, they have at least two bookings a week, creating a cash flow. However, the vocals aren’t quite there and some song choices are questionable. You keep quiet because you’re the new guy. do you ever bring it up? remember, I’m asking for a friend.
  20. Bo Eder

    Pearl Rhythm Traveler on a gig!

    OK! Go ahead and critique: Saturday's gig told me the stage was quite small, so I took a chance and brought the Pearl rhythm Traveler out on it's maiden voyage! I positioned the video camera just in front of one of the main speakers and pointed it at me. I put a Shure Beta 52 on the bass...