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    What's your latest purchase?

    New omnidirectional capsules for my sE8 condensers
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    Aaron Spears: R.I.P.

    RIP Mr. Spears
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    A stupid tuning rant

    I believe drumhead collars are more sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Newer heads also take a bit more time to conform to the bearing edges. Once, while loading up the van for a gig I brought a 12" Roto Tom along and as I was tapping it coming outside into mild but slightly...
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    Dom Famularo passed

    RIP Mr. Famularo Very sad to hear this news
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    DW black nickel over brass snares tuning

    Coated Ambassador over Ambassador Snare Side Bottom head-392hz Batter-293.7hz (TuneBot settings)
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    Anyone Else Find Cheap, Older Pedals Sometimes Better?

    The lightest weight Pearl bass drum pedals were my absolute favorite during the 80s. Just beater height and spring tension adjustments. Great feel to them. DW 5000 with included beater was way too heavy-feeling for me.. I use and love the Redline Eliminators, after time spent with the...
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    RIP John Marshall

    RIP Mr. Marshall I LOVED your recordings with Eberhard Weber on ECM.
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    whats the best source to improve on disco drumming?

    Heart Of Glass by Blondie Miss You by The Stones-I liked Charlie's take on it Cobham played his share of Disco on his Atlantic albums!
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    Drum Room Decor

    Oh man! Now THAT is a stereo system! Bravo!
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    Bernhard Castiglioni: The weakest Drummer on DRUMMERWORLD - but the Founder....

    You're NOT weak if you can Swing !
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    May someone pls explain to me the thinking/logic of putting a smaller rack tom on the right side of three racks?

    You can put your toms anywhere you like. Bruford, Cobham, DeJohnette, Mangini, enough said.
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    Here's someone playing funkytown using only toms and rototoms

    Outstanding! He nailed it!
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    RIP Robbie Robertson Of The Band

    You have to include Bills
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    Aynsley Dunbar

    One of my all-time favorite Zappa drummers! I love all those recordings. Wazoo, Chunga, Band From LA, 200 Motels, to name a few.
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    Drum products you miss

    Those great clip-on bass drum mufflers with the large circular felt. Regal Tip 5B nylons The Remo universal adaptor for RotoToms ProMark 808 Billy Cobham Golden Oak sticks
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    Gretsch Fiesta Pearl Wrap

    It's quite UGLY!
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    What's your superpower

    I just KNOW when someone is full of shit!
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    Thinking about doing an experiment...

    PS I would leave the bearing edges alone.
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    Thinking about doing an experiment...

    I would use Rust-Oleum Marine Spar Varnish. Put a second coat on after the first one is totally dry. Making the inside more reflective and lively is the goal here. I did this to my first set of Ludwig maples many, many moons ago and the result was drums that were more alive with more weight to...
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    Other people ruining my passion

    Don't let the non-complimentary comments from others discourage you. We've all heard it all before: You're playing the same thing over and over. Why do you have to practice? What do you have to practice? It's just noise. You're very loud. You're too loud. And so on and so on... The drumming...