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  1. alparrott

    Tom angles!!!!

    heeeeere's Johnny "Great shape. Great Christmas gift" "made in japan, ive had it a fews years, never use it anymore. serious only" "Needs replaced top plate" "little bit of rust what you see is what you get" "Great Condition , great for practice set at home" "tops of drums are marked from...
  2. alparrott

    Starting up a new YouTube channel -- because I can

    It's been a moment! I finally got a chance to try out some Scorpion Percussion drumsticks (you know, the ones with the ads all over social media) and here's my review!
  3. alparrott

    You can only have three snare drums...

    I kind of already do! - Guru 13x7" Tour Series black Walnut - Ludwig 14x6.5" Black Magic black-over-brass - Ludwig 14x5" Standard matte aluminum (Plus the snare that came with my Superstar Classics, but that's pretty much been turned into an effects snare at the moment)
  4. alparrott

    Artist signature gear

    I own a Ludwig Joey Kramer Black Magic, from that 17-minute stretch where he endorsed Ludwig. It was a freebie so I wan't about to turn it down. I have several pairs of Peter Erskine Ride sticks in my bag as well. I agree with PorkPie, if it can't be played out, I probably won't buy it.
  5. alparrott

    Post your Gig Pics

    Oh they do, they do.
  6. alparrott

    Post your Gig Pics

    Set up for tonight's benefit concert, s'gonna be lit. Check out my patent-pending sleighbourine 🤨
  7. alparrott

    Seven Truths and a Lie

    Hmmm. - Have played drums on three continents - Wrote and illustrated a children's book - Playing "Little Drummer Boy" live for the first time this weekend - Once saw Metallica, Guns 'N' Roses, Faith No More, Soundgarden, Primus, Anthrax and Public Enemy in the space of one week - Have met Peter...
  8. alparrott

    Question for LiveBPM users

    I'm only aware of the one app. It does struggle with anything other than 4/4 (it kind of futzes up with 3s and 6s) and often will count a slower tempo doubled up (i.e. an 80 bpm beat at 160). I find that it's still very helpful because whatever tempo it does detect, it shows if you're staying...
  9. alparrott

    Question for LiveBPM users

    One of these, clamped to the hi-hat stand just above my left knee.
  10. alparrott

    Question for LiveBPM users

    Usually when I stop playing for more than a minute, I'll clear it. But then I'm a guy who hates having unread emails, notifications, etc. so I'm probably a little OCD on that score.
  11. alparrott

    Post your Gig Pics

    Got the Ludwigs all lit up for a holiday variety show. Dress rehearsal tonight, shows Thursday and Friday.
  12. alparrott

    Ride and two crash set ups

    Generally when I use 2 crashes and a ride, it's this setup: 18" A Custom crash, 22" AAX Omni (also a crash), 19" A medium-thin crash.
  13. alparrott

    Whats the best source to gain an understanding on tom/crash/snare/kick sounds

    Keeping in mind that there's any number of ways to hear a percussion instrument sound: - naked ear behind the drumset - naked ear at distance in the room - miked up through speakers - miked up through headphones - to both of those, add infinite options on EQ, mic number/placement, room sound...
  14. alparrott

    Tom angles!!!!

    Hi, it's Saturday, toms are still angled badly "Ludweig Drum Set" "Peace, a drum manufacturer renowned for value and sound quality, takes care to hit a price point without sacrificing features" "Lidwig Drum Set" "no rips/tears and is very solid" "Purchased for my son during Covid, lost...
  15. alparrott

    Is your crash ride necessary?

    It's obviously that good! :cool:
  16. alparrott

    Is your crash ride necessary?

    I got mine used and a friend picked it up for me. I never heard it before I owned it, and while I never recommend doing that, it worked out great. I have heard a couple of others that sound decent, but I know my cymbal and what it does.
  17. alparrott

    Tom angles!!!!

    Contortionism instructors perhaps
  18. alparrott

    Tom angles!!!!

    I'm thankful for Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace "Are you looking for a great drum set for your aspiring junior drummer?" "It has mostly just sat in a corner collecting dust" "What a great Christmas gift for that little drummer in your life" Ah yes, DPD, that well-regarded drum...
  19. alparrott

    What's your latest purchase?

    Three pairs of Scorpion Percussion sticks - two with the Venom Grip and one in Natural finish, all 17" long 5Bs with acorn tip. Review coming soon. BTW, there's a Black Friday code you can use to get $12 off - essentially a free pair of sticks - before shipping costs...
  20. alparrott

    Percussively Thankful

    I'm thankful that I've been able to play drums semi-professionally these last 13 years and am coming to a point where I'm a preferred call for big local productions and events. I've basically been ping-ponging between projects and gigs all year long, making some great relationships in the...