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  1. River19

    Vintage drum sound ?

    For live sound or recorded?
  2. River19

    Does Your Band Play Any of Spotify’s Too 10 Artists in 2013?

    No I am suggesting that highly auto-tuned laptop creations that dominate the pop charts isn't necessarily what they expect to see or hear when they go to a bar with a band. I wouldn't read into it any more than that. And I listen to plenty of stuff while working out that I have zero interest...
  3. River19

    Does Your Band Play Any of Spotify’s Too 10 Artists in 2013?

    There is also a difference between what someone wants to stream in their car, work cube, gym etc. and what they would want to see played live at a bar/function etc. Of course they would have a great time with just a DJ as we all know as well. Taylor......I used to despise her back in the "I'm...
  4. River19

    DCP “Downbeat” Kit Comparison

    I enjoyed the vid per usual yesterday. The kicks sounded "decent" to me and the toms sounded fine as well. The Gretsch sounded the best to me overall but perhaps I stopped listening a tad. The Tama did sound the most "modern" in that it sounds like you would expect from a Starclassic....... I...
  5. River19

    Hot Take on Black Friday Drum Shop Sales

    I looked around for something to spend wistfully on and found northing that motivated me....... I would have picked up heads or sticks or a cajon etc but......the deals were "meh" at best. Even Sweetwater was "meh".....
  6. River19

    Drum Center of Portsmouth

    Purchased both in person and online, nothing but a good experience with them. They are local to me as I live in New Hampshire, they are clearly a trusted place.
  7. River19

    Ride and two crash set ups

    This is my current setup that I record with and I have a solid pile of others available to me, but this works for much of what I do: 22" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 20" Sabian HHX Complex Thin Crash 18".Sabian HHX Complex Thin Crash (I also do have 3 splashes from 6-12" in my setup)
  8. River19

    The King of Kick Drum Microphones: AKG D36

    Only $10K used........ it's good to be king I guess.
  9. River19

    Latest single broke top 100 in iTunes

    Alex has such a classic straight ahead 90s era country does well with Nashville production etc. Really well done..... Classic drumming as well......Martin, does Alex use you and his live band in the studio?
  10. River19

    Craviotto Drum Kits

    It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.......if for you, it is worth the price of admission, awesome, knock yourself out. If there is some specific mojo that a Crav kit has for you that inspires you to play......even better.
  11. River19

    House kits

    What have you encountered for kits at these venues? Anything noteworthy or pleasantly surprising?
  12. River19

    Craviotto Drum Kits

    IMHO a competently built maple kit will sound great paired with the right heads and hardware......once that is done, it is very hard to justify the additional expense of some of the highest priced boutique kits from a sound perspective. So if you are someone that puts sound above all else, I...
  13. River19

    Tune bot ??

    When I got mine I flipped through the artist settings and used them as a starting point, but admittedly I have a simple common size setup with a 12" and 16" 1 up 1 Down that I was working with.
  14. River19

    Latest single broke top 100 in iTunes

    That is awesome Martin !!!!! That must feel awesome.
  15. River19

    Jeff was the Pocket Magician

    If you haven't read the book "It's About Time" on it. If for nothing else than the comprehensive list of all the tunes he played on, it's impressive. He would lay down a magic carpet of groove and feel that fit the songs perfectly with just the right fills in the right...
  16. River19

    Want to hear the snare shell? Use a snare wire with less strands. Your experience?

    It's the internet.....say whatever you We're talking drums, not curing right or wrong.....cheers
  17. River19

    Rare Pork Pie 20th Anniversary Rosewood arrived!

    Bill makes quality instruments, I picked up a Spotted Gum snare and a little squealer a while back as a package from a pawn shop for $275 combined with hard cases and I was impressed by the workmanship on the Spotted Gum,,,,,,,the shell was made by Paul Weary of Metro Drums in Australia I...
  18. River19

    (Vintage kit with lots of pics alert) Well, I WAS gonna order a 26" kick for my Ludwig CM's, but...

    Nice kit, saw you picked it up and I chuckled to myself thinking "I bet that was from Nelson's"...... Your collection of vintage gig-worthy kits is growing and well chosen. Nice job.
  19. River19

    Want to hear the snare shell? Use a snare wire with less strands. Your experience?

    I agree there are larger environmental factors that have a LOT more to do with the sound of a snare than shell etc. Since the thread was originally talking about snare wire impact on hearing the "snare shell" I kinda thought we were focusing on the drum itself......
  20. River19

    What's the obsession with cost vs value vs sound ?

    For many at the heart of it is the idea that there is some magic inflection point where you maximize sound, hardware quality, visual appeal and price........the discussion and pursuit of identifying and agreeing upon if and where that inflection point exists is what keeps the conversation going...