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  1. Njdrumma

    My Chronic Lyme Disease Fund

    Hello if any of you could donate any amount that would be awesome please help me i am struggling.
  2. Njdrumma

    me drumming to posthardcore

    how do i post embeded videos here?
  3. Njdrumma

    Fall Of Troy FCPREMIX DRUM Cover

    Check me out playing FCPREMIX on the drums.
  4. Njdrumma

    drummers that auditioned for berklee

    what did u pick as your prepared piece ?
  5. Njdrumma

    Make money online?

    ok so my dad lost his job and my mother has a job but its not making enough money for other things in our lives. I want to get new cymbals and a double bass pedal but they cant afford it. Any one know how i can make 500 dollars online in a week??
  6. Njdrumma

    Which pedal is better

    which pedal is better Pearl P902 Power Shifter Double Bass Pedal or PDP DP602C Double Pedal ?
  7. Njdrumma

    urrgh what im a gona do

    I just joined a metalcore band today at school and iv been playing with my other band for a while and now i need a double bass pedal and more cymbals. I Would usually borrow the equipment from my drummer friend but now i cant any more. My parents wont buy the equipment for me so im pretty much...
  8. Njdrumma


    i have 120 GB ipod classic today i had a red x on the screen and i couldnt get rid of it. I smacked my ipod a few times and then it went away now the problem is that every time i turn it on it says i have 2 restore it but itunes wont let me. I have the latest version of itunes.
  9. Njdrumma

    double bass pedal for under 200 dollars

    What is the best double bass pedal i can get for under 200 dollars?
  10. Njdrumma

    Mastodon Divinations drum cover

    My cover of Divinations
  11. Njdrumma

    Thomas Pridgen Clinic Today

    Someone please record this and upload to vimeo and youtube.
  12. Njdrumma

    modern drummer 2008 dvd's

    Im very confused the modern drummer dvd's just came out today and every site that i see says that there are 0 items in stock
  13. Njdrumma

    me playing the roots
  14. Njdrumma

    vid of tony royster rockin out on roland electric kit

    he is crazy rum and bass and futuristic prog
  15. Njdrumma

    Measuring Drum Heads

    So ive decided that i am going to but new heads. If i use a taperule and measure the dream head not starting from the metalpart on the head but on the front end is that the correctplace to start the measurment??
  16. Njdrumma

    Dw 7000 double bass kick squeaky noise!!

    Something is wrong with my dw 7000 double bass pedals when i play the left foot it sounds fine but when i use my right it makes a squeak noise what could be the problem?? Pleas help
  17. Njdrumma

    Snare Wire HELP!!!

    I was playing my snare and i noticed one of the wires fell off. i decided to take the wires off the bottom head and cut off the wire that poped off of the right side of the snare that was still connected to the left. I put the snare wire on the way i thought it should go on and the drum did not...
  18. Njdrumma

    Double Bass help/dream theater

    Hello i bought a dw 7000 double bass and i am having a lot of trouble playing at fast speeds i also have trouble doing the heel toe technique. I wear a size 12 shoe and i was just wondering what i can do to get my speed up in play in time better with double bass. i need to play panic attack by...
  19. Njdrumma

    Ndugu Chancler

    Yesterday i went to the local music store to go to a Ndugu Chancler clinic and he was amazing. He talked alot about being a musician and drummer and the people around him in his life. He also played a excellent solo for about half hour. Listening to Ndugu i learned that one of the most important...
  20. Njdrumma

    Ipecac Drum Circle feat.Dave Lombardo, Smith, & Zach Hill

    This is amazing