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  1. Living Dead Drummer

    House kits

    You haven't played any of the Hollywood clubs in a while have you... lol Although I think both the Whisky and Viper Room just got new Sawtooth kits, haven't had any experience with those yet, however the kits they had there previous were terrible. DW and high end Ludwig, in the worst condition...
  2. Living Dead Drummer

    In-Ear Monitor For Drummer/Vocalist (stage)

    I use the same Yamaha mixer. Never have had an issue with it and it's certainly seen it's fair share of time on the road. I don't sing a lot of backup live, mainly because I'm not comfortable with mic placement, but for IEM's I use Ultimate Ears UE11's. They isolate everything perfectly, and...
  3. Living Dead Drummer

    Drum Tech Jimmy Clark: — “I might as well be working for John Bonham or Keith Moon”

    I absolutely think his statement is fair. Lars is iconic, no two ways about it. He's a household name, and as a drummer there are very few of us who are within that status. Lars, Bonham, Tommy Lee, Dave Grohl. That's about it. I'm talking casual music fan here. Any old Joe on the street will...
  4. Living Dead Drummer

    No "endorsement", but people still bought something because of you

    I don't know if I qualify for the conversation. I have been endorsing specific products for over 20 years, and while I have changed brands on a few things I know that anything I endorsed at the time I always would recommend to others. I know for a fact I'm single handedly responsible for at...
  5. Living Dead Drummer

    Would you join Corey Feldman's band just for the professional connections?

    I know many "former" band members of his. I wouldn't take this gig just based on the insider info.
  6. Living Dead Drummer

    Finger Tape

    I've used Tennis tape in the past as well. Mainly when I'm on tour and run out of stick wrap, and need something in a pinch. Helps if you can't get to a music store, or are in another country where it's even hard to track things down. As for the Nexcare stuff, I'm 100% sold. Just used it for...
  7. Living Dead Drummer

    Finger Tape

    Wish I would have read this before I taped up the rest of my sticks this morning, lol.
  8. Living Dead Drummer

    Tour Rig Rundown (FleischKrieg Fall 2023 Tour)

    The Bell Brass Snare is a one-of-a-kind. 14" x 6.5" 3mm Bronze shell. Just like the old Tama's. It's outfitted with all Yamaha hardware, however the shell was outsourced from Lea Hung in Taiwan. The measuring and drilling for the hardware was done by Jeremy (RIP) at Q-Drum. So it's a...
  9. Living Dead Drummer

    Tour Rig Rundown (FleischKrieg Fall 2023 Tour)

    This tour came immediately following two weeks in Europe with only 5 days off at home, and I head to the UK for another two weeks on the road as soon as this is done, with only 1 day at home.
  10. Living Dead Drummer

    Finger Tape

    10-11 shows? So far one roll got me through 6 shows and 2 days of rehearsal. Although the rehearsal days were long and I had to replace the tape on my tumblr a couple times as it would rip after an hour or so. I think 1, maybe 2 more rolls can get me though this current tour, and 1 roll should...
  11. Living Dead Drummer

    Finger Tape

    Long tours can do a number on my hands. I use grip tape on my sticks, and while this is pretty comfortable, playing 20+ shows in a row can take it's toll. I keep a pair of gloves in my bag for the nights when my hands get a little sore, but I don't like having that disconnected feeling I get...
  12. Living Dead Drummer

    Impressed with Behringer C2 mics as overheads

    I used the C-2's for quite a while, both live and for some recording. Pretty solid mics, and I was always happy with the quality.
  13. Living Dead Drummer

    Tour Rig Rundown (FleischKrieg Fall 2023 Tour)

    Headed out on the road with Industrial/Metal band FleischKrieg. We kick off tomorrow at Wasteland Weekend in California, hit a couple headlining dates early next week, and then link up with MushroomHead for their entire October run. Below is a video breakdown of what I'll be using on the tour...
  14. Living Dead Drummer

    Ahead users.......

    As far as I know it's all the same. The cores are manufactured by Easton and shipped to Ahead for cutting and assembly.
  15. Living Dead Drummer

    Aquarian Hi Velocity heads

    I've been endorsing Aquarian for 17 years, and this is the first time I've ever had an issue with the coating. It was only the snare heads I got in June for a tour, and since then nothing I've gotten from them has had any issues at all.
  16. Living Dead Drummer

    Aquarian Hi Velocity heads

    Aquarian did have a batch of bad coating a couple months ago. I was on tour all of June and every head I had the coating flaked off after one show. I notified them, and they quickly remedied it. I was sent a prototype head with a new coating in early July, bashed away on it for about a week and...
  17. Living Dead Drummer

    RIP Joe Calato

    Nail polish. Prior to designing the nylon tip he would use his wife’s nail polish to try and give them a longer lifespan. Joe was a great guy. I had the pleasure of working for Regal Tip from 2004-2007. Although he was retired he would frequently visit the office and continued to come up with...
  18. Living Dead Drummer

    why open hi hat on the right side of the kit?

    I use a set o 15" hats instead of a Ride when I play with the group FleishKrieg. It's industrial music, and Ride cymbals aren't featured much in that style of music. However you'll frequently hear multiple different Hi-Hat patterns and sounds at once. This was my solution for adapting the songs...
  19. Living Dead Drummer

    Tips for setting up kit ergonomically

    Here's how I break it down to my students. The snare is the center of your kit, NOT the bass drum. Sit on the throne with nothing in front of you. Height of the thrown should have your hips slightly higher than your knees when your feet are flat on the ground. Now, with a stick, cover your eyes...