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  1. Wavelength

    A family member wants to learn jazz. Recommendations?

    How about starting out with the all time best selling jazz record, Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. The tunes are highly approachable for a jazz initiate, and the personnel on that record are jazz giants in their own right: "Cannonball" Adderley, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, John Coltrane, Bill Evans...
  2. Wavelength

    Sound Check: 22" Zildjian K Constantinople Hi Bell Thin Low ride

    Here's my latest pie, the now discontinued HBTL ride (gotta love Zildjian's cymbal naming...)
  3. Wavelength

    Sound check: 22" Zildjian K Custom Dry Light Ride

    I thought I'd record short samples of all of my rides. I'll start the project with my lovely DLR...
  4. Wavelength

    Exercise: Rhythmic displacement in jazz

    Here's an exercise which was inspired by both John Riley's and Andrew Hare's works. It lends itself nicely to really mastering longer rhythms, drawing more ideas from your rhythmic vocabulary and getting familiar with phrases that flow over the barlines.
  5. Wavelength

    Wilcoxon 150: phrasing drags

    Here's one for rudimental scholars. The Solo No. 42 introduces inverted drag taps as dotted sixteenths and 32nd notes at bar 8. I was wondering what is the proper (traditional) way of phrasing them. So far I've ended up with two possibilities: either play them tight or loose (well duh!). It...
  6. Wavelength

    Some alternative rock tunes featuring my Kumu kit

    Our band, Seed Husk, recorded seven original tunes a while back. I did my parts in a bit of a haste, but overall it sounds pretty good. Take a listen and tell me what you think! I used a Kumu four piece (14"x5,5", 12"x9", 14"x12", 20"x17")...
  7. Wavelength

    It's not about the drums...'s about the drummer. Benny Greb shows how it's done:
  8. Wavelength

    Finally some more steamy Kumu action

    As the title titillatingly insinuates, here's a recent clip from the basement... Aydee, I played that bass drum triple stroke just for you!
  9. Wavelength

    A couple of originals from my pop/rock/indie/prog band

    Have a listen to them here. The page is en Finnois, but I gather you can locate the "play" buttons. PS. I found out it's rather difficult to play rock convincingly if you're mainly a jazz guy...
  10. Wavelength

    Double Quotes in a post

    Googling would've yielded an answer far quicker. Anyway, to show my 1337 g00g1ing 5ki112, here's a quote from Wikipedia dot org: The entire article can be found here. Check out my insane hyperlinking skillz, too!
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    Double Quotes in a post

    I can be a 1337 h4x0r t00.
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    Double Quotes in a post

    You don't need to highlight anything, and nothing gets copied to the clipboard. The multi-quote button quotes the entire post regardless of your highlightin' shenanigans.
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    Hyperlink help please

    You can't use HTML on this forum. Instead, use the builtin markup language by clicking on the buttons on top of the message editor. You can insert a hyperlink by clicking on the button with the Earth and some chain linkage.
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    Drum Gloves

    At first I totally missed the gloves because I was distracted by THE AMAZING LEVITATING BASS PLAYER MAN!
  15. Wavelength

    Drum Gloves

    I use gloves whenever I play an outside venue in the winter. It never happens.
  16. Wavelength

    Best music documentaries

    Re: Good Band Documentaries This is Spinal Tap.
  17. Wavelength

    Me and my ex caught on video... ex being my first drum kit. 1. 2. 3. - Remo Acousticon 18" x 15" BD, 12" x 10" FT, 10" x 9" TT and Ludwig Acrolite 14" x 5" SD - Coated Emperors and clear...
  18. Wavelength


    Re: the moler technique Two snare drum passages; the first is single-height, forte all the way, and the second is a two-height passage played with alternating hands. I marked the strokes one should use when playing the second example: Down strokes, Taps and Up strokes. If you don't pre-empt...
  19. Wavelength

    Kumu four piece.

    Sound clips ohoy! Here's some shoddy playing after a week's break. The cymbals are the same as in the pictures, plus a Meinl Byzance 16" Thin crash and a Paiste Signature 10" splash. I used just an SM57 to record the whole kit, and added some reverb for some color.
  20. Wavelength

    Kumu four piece.

    They're here! My good ol' snare was finally joined by the rest of his family: The pictures don't really do justice to the real thing, but trust me when I say they are utterly and entirely beautiful works of art! Snare 14" x 5,5" Tom-tom 10" x 8" Floor tom 14" x 12" Bass drum 20" x...