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  1. bongoman

    Is there a singer/musical artist where you may not like their music, but you like their personality?

    Alice has some *current* shortcomings too, and I have to leave it at that due to forum rules.
  2. bongoman

    Can anyone suggest what this old Slingerland kit would sell for?

    The kit look like a mid-late 1970s model. Double bass drums and concert toms are not popular with “vintage drummers” these days, but it’s cool on its own merits. You might find a “stoner metal” drummer for whom this is absolutely perfect. I agree 100% that you should advertise the snare and the...
  3. bongoman

    Two Cymbals Two Sizes Two Totally Different Sounds

    I’ve owned a lot of hand-manufactured cymbals from many brands, including several Bos. Every one of those brands has turned out some duds, even among their “normal” or “popular” lines. Nothing to do with weight, diameter, or even non-traditional elements like skip lathing. Everything to do with...
  4. bongoman

    Is your crash ride necessary?

    My most comfortable setup includes a traditional (or flat) ride and a 20” crash ride with rivets. The crash ride is about a fifth higher than the trad ride. The trad is also crashable. So I definitely wouldn’t use a CR as my one and only, but the higher harmony plus the rivet sizzle makes it a...
  5. bongoman

    What is this Sabian cymbal that Martin Drew is playing?

    One of my prized pies is a DeJohnette signature 22 HH mini bell. Beautiful tone, crisp stick, lush yet controlled crash. The only "problem" is it's quiet, and won't go louder, so it's perfect for quiet gigs but that's it.
  6. bongoman

    Playing congas/bongo's with sticks?

    There are four considerations with playing congas/bongos with sticks: —wearing/tearing a hole through thinner heads. —denting the bearing edges. —the sound will be different than the traditional hand sound. —you only have one or two different stroke sounds with a stick, compared to four or more...
  7. bongoman

    “When I play jazz gigs…”

    A lot of “jazz gigs” are standards played at low volume and moderate tempo, with no expectation of difficulty as long as you know the material and have the vocabulary. Even if you’re backing up original tunes, the leader will tell you what basic breaks and solos to expect, and they’ll hand cue...
  8. bongoman

    Swish and Pang cymbals

    Right, pang is clearly distinct because of the flat flange profile, with or without rivets. The big confuser is swish vs china. Both have an upturned flange. The bell can be square on a china, but even that isn’t always true anymore, lots of modern chinas have round bells. Chinas can have...
  9. bongoman

    I did not like the Evans 500 snare side... 300 is my go to!

    I gambled on some of the Trick wire-core cords once, and they didn’t even last long enough to damage the shell. They snapped apart at the stress points where they clamped to the strainer and butt. The pack included four cords, and all four broke the same way.
  10. bongoman

    What is the opposite of GAS?

    Gear Prudence 😁
  11. bongoman

    Extended snare strainer drum

    Couple of possible reasons: regular non-extended wires sound great, so most drummers don’t think it’s a problem that needs solving. And the different types of extension bars/brackets/mechanisms require different lengths of wires, there is no standard. That makes manufacturing more costly, and...
  12. bongoman

    Tight Snare Sound

    Same here. To my taste, a 4 x 14 is the best compromise. Short fast response from the heads, easy to dial in fast response from the wires, and enough “singing” to keep it enjoyable to hear. I’ve owned a few; the one I enjoy most currently is a Yamaha birch custom.
  13. bongoman

    Tight Snare Sound

    Notice the bottom edge of the drum has (in most cases) an indentation or cutout in the shell, that the wires pass over. This snare bed, because it’s a different height than the rest of the bottom edge, means you have to tighten those four rods a lot more than the rest in order to get an equal...
  14. bongoman

    Tight Snare Sound

    I often adjust the tightness of the snare sound by adjusting the tension of the four rods near the ends of the snare wires. Try loosening those four by a whole turn, and then adjusting the strainer tension. Different snare beds also need different amounts of adjustment of those four rods.
  15. bongoman

    ...Gear crash is coming..

    A listing just went up on Reverb recently with this text: “ Why are vintage drums so expensive? They have always been expensive but with post covid supply chain issues less new drums were being manufactured. This meant that a whole new generation of drummers started buying vintage drums. They...
  16. bongoman

    Why is hickory the standard wood for sticks?

    Right I don’t have stats to back this up but I have often heard that hickory absorbs shock better than maple—it’s tougher yet more springy. For me, I prefer the sharp sound of a dense wood stick, including ones harder than hickory; but the harder ones are also harder on your hands. Hickory is...
  17. bongoman

    Paiste Masters Swish 22” vs. Crash of Doom 20”

    They can overlap a bit but IMO the swish is capable of more refined tones, the CoD is capable of more rugged tones, depending on how you hit them.
  18. bongoman

    Small keyhole question

    If it’s barely noticeable, and you’re going to use a modern plastic sleeved stand, it’s no big deal. If it arrives and the keyhole is more than it had appeared, then just add a rubber grommet.
  19. bongoman

    Any Love for flat rides?

    Yes proximity for sure, but also technique. Different players can sound completely different on the same cymbal, and I practice to be able to get either a soft or crisp stick attack just by changing my technique.
  20. bongoman

    Anyone played the "new" Rogers drums yet?

    Regarding the inefficiency of shipping containers back and forth across the ocean, what shippers are looking at is how efficiently the ships are packed in each direction. A given ship is absolutely going to go from the US to Taiwan and back again. The fuel use and operating costs are about the...