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    New set up.

    I’ve been neglecting the kit (any kit) for the past several months as I’ve been on my hands only journey. Today I decide to give Roland some love. I had been using it in a more traditional two up one down set up, but decided to change it to more reflect the one up two down I have on my acoustic.
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    Your Paiste Cymbal Rig

    Paiste Big Beats. Darker sounding than regular 2002s, but a similar sound. They just don't have that "take you head off" top end.
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    Need advice for choosing a Drum Kit

    The Pearl kit would fit well with the image/music you play. In my opinion the Pearl Session Studio punches way above its weight. I used to own a set of Studio Session Classic drums and I would put them up against anything in a similar price category.
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    What do you guys use to store your extra stuff?

    You know, I really need to get a handle on this... My music room looks like Sweetwater threw up in there. I'll be watching as you folk share ideas.
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    Does anyone here practice double bass, with no musical need for it?

    Yeah it was used. I bought it at a local drum store. I go there once a week for lessons and it seems like they (the Pearls) come in spurts. He usually has a good selection of used pedals, but there aren't any Pearls... then all of a sudden there are three or four. I don't think he has any on the...
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    Does anyone here practice double bass, with no musical need for it?

    Double bass is on my list of to do items. That's a long list for me and DB is far from the top of it for now. I picked up a used Pearl Eliminator Redline DB pedal for about $200. The left pedal is feeling pretty lonely so far though.
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    Random thought about acrylic drums

    Aren’t Pearls shells seamless? I wonder if you could repair cracks with that stuff they use to repair chips in car windshields. I’d like to have set but I don’t have room for anymore kits. Two and an electronic is about it. Unless there are some magic words that will make my wife say, “of...
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    Using crash cymbals as high hats

    I have a 13 Paragon Sabian bottom that I use with an 13 Istanbul Xist dark dry crash for the top. Sounds good.
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    New Guy Here

    Mmmmm… Pearl. Welcome.
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    "Fix it" in Auto-Tune

    I don’t use any saw. I use a Karate chop. That’s talent… I’m just goofing. I turned off pop music in 1976. Haven’t been sufficiently persuaded to return to it yet. Actually I do listen to a wide variety of music. If I like it, I like it. I don’t give it much thought beyond that. You may...
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    Another Left Hand Query

    That's pretty cool. I have created the same sort of set up on my treadmill. My left (weak) hand is a constant source of frustration. My problem is that when I think about what it's doing it instantly gets very jerky, losing any rhythmic flow. I have been able to overcome this by repeated...
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    My band is recording with Josh Schroeder!

    Looking forward to hearing how it all turns out.
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    Shipping help/info

    I agree with this. I shipped a saxophone from the US to Japan a few years back and USPS was by far the cheapest way to go. There are some caveats. USPS will tell you when it hits the border and is handed off to another entity (Canada Post?) they wash their hands of it. It's been a few years...
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    Would you gig with a "bad" band?

    Really! I mean, who among us hasn’t done that before… uh what? Oh never mind.
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    The Way Back Machine.

    For me as a “new” drummer, I found the control, dexterity, and flow between the hands was a limiting factor. I decided to commit to significantly improve this weak area. The bonus is that find I really like it. On the rare day I can’t get at least two hours, I feel like I’ve cheated myself out...
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    The Way Back Machine.

    And coffee. Perhaps the most important part.
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    Back of the hand.. does your stick rest in the center of your palm?

    Mine is a bit different. It does change a bit depending on what I’m playing, but the basic grip seems to always be this.
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    Things I don’t like drummers to do

    Get a rope...
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    Sore wrist. Time to upgrade?

    Many years ago, I bought a similar E-kit and thought I would play a bit. I wasn't actively learning drums at the time, just goofing off. I found I couldn't play for more than 30 minutes until I had wrist pain and fatigued hands. I too thought the pads were the culprit. Since I started really...
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    Recorded my practice with a GoPro.

    Been there, done that... Throughout my life I've kept the philosophy that when you identify a weakness, you should work to make it a strength. With these damn drums it seems my basket of weaknesses overflows and the road to "perfection" on any one item is long and painfully slow. Short version...