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  1. DrewTheShoe

    Vintage 13" Ludwig Tom Restoration

    So I snagged a 13" B/O Blue Sparkle Maple Ludwig rack tom for $56 shipped a few days ago, and it finally shipped in. Turns out someone forgot to mention a seam that's held on by staples and some internal grime. I'm not as concerned with the seam right now cause I would just like to clean it up...
  2. DrewTheShoe

    Coated Heads on Shallow Birch?

    Hey guys, I have a quick question about my rack tom. I have a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive, which pretty much means a 12x7.5 rack tom in birch. This results in a shorter, more punchy note. I've already tried out coated G2's on it, but they were just too dry for me and my needs. I still love that...
  3. DrewTheShoe

    What exactly is MIDI?

    My buddy is really interested in getting into synth sort of things, and he already can play the piano. He constantly sees "MIDI Compatible" or "MIDI Controller" and it's driving him up the wall not knowing what it is. I believe I know a little about it, but not nearly enough to really know what...
  4. DrewTheShoe

    Riffs That Make You Go "Oooh..."

    I decided to make this because I was listening to one of my favorite [guitar] riffs of all time, and I would love to know what everyone's favorite riffs may be. At this moment, my favorite is the last quarter or so of this live recording of Muse's "Knights of Cydonia". Great guitar in general...
  5. DrewTheShoe

    A Wee Little Cover

    Well me and my buddies Jordan (bassist) and Kevin (guitarist) all got together one day and jammed. We've been thinking about starting a band for a while now, and Kevin's dad wanted to see what we were like. We proceeded to throw this together. (Please...
  6. DrewTheShoe

    Evans GMAD

    I've recently gotten wind that Evans has come out with the GMAD, a G-Plus version of the EMAD. I use an EMAD, love it actually. I'm thinking about maybe picking one up just to see how it is, with the extra 2 mils and all. Has anyone used/purchased the GMAD? Do you like it? How does it compare...
  7. DrewTheShoe

    Steeler Nation!

    I am pleased to announce to all other members of Steeler Nation congratulations: we did it. Oh what a stressful 4th quarter. In other news, all Pittsburgh area public schools are opening two hours late tomorrow. Classic Steel.
  8. DrewTheShoe

    Click Track MP3's

    Hello ladies. Does anyone know where one could get a hold of (preferably free) MP3 files of set click tracks? It's going to be a little bit before I can get my metronome, and I would like to get a head start on practicing with a click.
  9. DrewTheShoe


    Well, after having a successful sale of one of a tom of mine, I have $120 flying in. I already have $30, so [after some kindergarten math] I now have $150. Amazing. Thing is, I'm not entirely sure what I should invest it in. Things I have been thinking so far: - Vintage Acrolite (Currently...
  10. DrewTheShoe

    Smooth White or Coated Resos?

    Hey guys, coming atcha with a reso head question. I'm going to upgrade stock reso heads soon [finally!] and have come to either Smooth White Ambassadors or Coated Ambassadors. I've already got Coated G2's up top, so I don't know if coated would be too much coating, and smooth whites give a nice...
  11. DrewTheShoe

    Ebonies, Suedes, Smooth Whites, Oh My!

    I was looking at Remo heads today, and realized all the different textures/varieties of heads that Remo has. Quite honestly, I have barely have an idea what the difference between Ebony and Black Suede is. Same goes for Smooth White and Suede. I know there are quite a few Remo enthusiasts here...
  12. DrewTheShoe

    Vintage Zildjian Avedis Rides

    Hey guys, how are we doing? Today I've come to ask our vintage Zildjian fanatics about the Avedis line. The time has come for me to upgrade from my 20" B8 Ride, sadly. I have looked, listened, tested, and touched just about every ride that I could get a hand one. The one that really caught my...
  13. DrewTheShoe

    K Mastersounds

    In my quest for better cymbals, I have stumbled upon the K Mastersounds. I personally love them. I love the sound they make, the characteristic Mastersound chick to 'em, and the fact that I know that K's will have a pretty sweet resale value. I'm just concerned about whether or not they would...
  14. DrewTheShoe

    EC Reso?

    Anyone heard/ tried these out before? I'm intrigued by them, and by what Evans is feeding me I would like them, but I'm still against the thought of even a slightly muffled reso head. Any thoughts?
  15. DrewTheShoe

    SuperKick III

    Well, I took the plunge and invested in a new kick batter. It just so happened that the store clerk recommended either an EMAD or the SK3, and I chose the SK3. And I love it! It's pretty deep, but it's also punchy and full. The muffling has eliminated pretty much all of my overtone troubles...
  16. DrewTheShoe

    Kick Heads.

    Drew back, now with a few inquiries about kick heads. The first is about the batter, simply a question of which head. I've been browsing, looking, and trolling and have found that I would be interested in either the heads from the SuperKick series or one of the EMAD's. So, I'm looking for...
  17. DrewTheShoe

    Darren King

    Anyone ever heard of him? He's the drummer for a band called Mute Math, one of my personal favorites. His studio recordings are pretty great, solid beats with nice fills, some jazz flairs here and there. But the reason I really love him is one thing: his creativity. All he plays on is a four...
  18. DrewTheShoe

    Selling a Tom: Possible?

    Hello Drummer comrades, I come bearing a question. In my current quest for new cymbals, I am realizing what exactly I don't use. Ever. And what I really don't want to use, either. I have a 6.5x10 tom tom from my Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive kit, and I really haven't used it. I "used" it the...
  19. DrewTheShoe

    Coated Emperors

    Hey guys. I'm going to upgrade my heads on my toms soon from these Tama stock ones, and I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased with the Coated Emperors. I'd love to hear all of your opinions on them, as I'm sure some of you have played them more then I have. Also: if you have any comments/quips...
  20. DrewTheShoe

    Homemade Studio Rings

    I have recently bought some new snare heads (Coated Amb, Snare Side Amb, absolutely love it), and I tuned em up nice for me (nice fat and wet, slapping the snares) but I have a tad bit of undesired overtones. I have my old trusty Tama stock head that I plan on using...never, since the coatings...