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  1. darkstar442

    Update on bass!

    Its been to long since i've been on. I used to ask all of you for help with my speed and i im proud to say workn around 11 months on my speed i have reached my peak of 322bpm im very pleased in the time it took. i know speed isnt everything and it is almost perfectly in time at 322. just wanted...
  2. darkstar442

    custom guitar...

    I talked about this a while but i finally got everything together and i was wondering if this body would be hard to make. F.Y.I my dad owns a millwork company
  3. darkstar442

    tips with gravity Blast?

    Ok i can do it pretty good but i want to know some good tips on how to control it better and how to make it louder
  4. darkstar442

    This may sound strange...

    Ok, well i love double bass and it has been driving me crazy that i could never reach 200bpm or even close for the matter. One practice session about 2 days ago i took my luck at my pedal and i was going my normal max(only like 150) then i moved my seat back a bit, moved my left pedal back, went...
  5. darkstar442

    Making a Guitar...

    Ok, well I started guitar around august or september and I love it almost as much as drums so... I decided I want to try and make a guitar just for fun. I have been doing some research and it doesnt seem extremely hard with my dads help(he owns an interior woodmill). I would have plenty of tools...
  6. darkstar442

    I got AL2's for Christmas!!!

    These pedals are godly! they are so fast and light. they have made my speed and control so much better. the weird thing is they feel almost exactly like my old iron cobras haha. i just wanted to tell everyone!
  7. darkstar442

    Are my Standards too high...? Hmm...

    i Started playing guitar to help me understand music even better and to write songs. i finally found a guitarist but unfortunatly... im better than him and iv only been playing for a few months. he couldnt play anything i wrote. im starting to get pissed off because im almost the best guitarist...
  8. darkstar442

    need new heads

    I need new heads. i have no idea waht to get. i play fast technical deathmatal. i want not much sustain ect can you help me choose they are driving me crazy!
  9. darkstar442

    What are some Egyptian and Classical Guitar scales

    Ok my and my friend were jamming out and he plays this gnarly classical lick but thats all he knows and i can play just a little egyptian thing so can you give me some in regular tunning Tabs plz
  10. darkstar442

    Normal mounting to l rod mounting... is it possible?

    Ok i have been getting very pissed of with the normal mounting system on my toms because i just cannot get good angles with them and its driving me crazy because im trying to get a good flow, so im just wondering if its possible to change normal mounting into l rod mounting because it seems so...
  11. darkstar442

    Having a little problem....uh oh

    Ok this doesnt have to do with drums. i have had this problem all my life but now its getting harder and harder to control. i have a very very bad anger problem. i havnt let it out in about 3 years and i wasnt close to being my angriest when it happend. my friend got me mad so i really dont...
  12. darkstar442


    i want to make a band but there arnt any good guitarists at my school... i could play guitar with my frined playing drums but i would rather play drums... I may have to be the singer(screamer) because i dont know anyone my age who can sound almost like george fisher... im rambling but what...
  13. darkstar442

    What are the differences between Axis AL-2 and Axis XL-2

    Is there a big difference between these two as in what they are capibal of... just wondering
  14. darkstar442

    i am having trouble thinking of cool guitar parts

    ok i can make songs easy for drums since i play non stop but i cant even think of guitar parts. how can i think of cool parts lol dumb question i know
  15. darkstar442


    i want a cowbell that sounds like the one in the intro to wage slaves by all shall perish.. i put the sound in an attachment(i know they change sound a bit in studio but one that is very close)
  16. darkstar442

    I Want to Try out Axis.....

    Alright iv been asking a lot of pedal questions but i want to try axis but all the stores were i live dont have axis or any pedal ment for speed. i want to try before i buy. so what do i do?
  17. darkstar442

    George kollias 16 week program...

    Umm i want to start this but i dont no what to buy or what please give me a link or something so i can start the speed and control program