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  1. drozzy

    18x14 1967 Bass Drum

    Howdy all, After a lot of delays Ive finally completed a little restoration project. Made of all 1967 or prior parts (scoured from a few different drums, eg the lugs and claws and rods are from an old pre-premier drum). Little beauty sounds fantastic, just what I was looking for, an open...
  2. drozzy

    Name/Date/Identify This Premier Drum?

    Howdy, Just a quick question. Any idea what period and what line this premier bass drum comes from? All help is much appreciated.
  3. drozzy

    Vintage Gear... Canora?

    Hi all, Quick question. Anyone ever heard of the brand 'canora', I've just won an ebay bid on a vintage 'canora' bass drum (18" in a lovely white marine pearl, with rail mount), which has sat in storage for 40 years. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this brand at all?