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  1. geeza

    What trigger and module do you use?

    I'm looking to trigger my acrylic kick drum for live purpose. I was thinking about the Roland RT10K and the Alesis DM-5. I was wondering if anyone has any input or other suggestions. I've never used triggers before and could use some advice. Thanks!
  2. geeza

    Help! Bass drum tension rods keeps loosening.

    Anyone ever have a problem with their tension rods coming loose on their bass drum (batter side). This weekend I used my new RCI acrylics with all Pearl Masters hardware, EQ3 clear batter, and Pearl Masters wood hoops. After every other song there would be at least 3 or 4 tension rods with no...
  3. geeza

    Clear RCI Acrylic in Pearl Masters Hardware

    I just finished building my Acrylic kit thirty minutes ago. I've been working on this project for several months now. It's a five piece kit that's why you can see a Platinum Mist drum in some of the pictures. I drilled all the shells myself which was very tedious but the outcome is very...
  4. geeza

    Jamming on my Acrylics

    I built an RCI acrylic kit using Pearl Masters hardware. This video was shot before the addition of the acrylic bass drum. The sound quality isn't great, but you get the idea. Just having some fun.
  5. geeza

    How to play in the studio.

    My first real recording was at Ardent Studios in Memphis Tenn. I was recording an album for my band which at the time had just signed a deal and were going to be superstars ( a little sarcasm of course ). The producer told me to really lay into the drums in order to catch the power and intensity...
  6. geeza

    My band rehearsing at a club

    This is my band rehearsing at a club. Nothing fancy, just a steady , simple track.
  7. geeza

    My Pearl MCX Acrylic Snare

    I'm building a 5-piece Pearl acrylic Masters MCX kit. So far i have the 10 , 12 , 14 and the snare built. I don't have the bass drum yet, but when i do i'll post the whole kit. Right now the toms are wearing session hardware so i didn't post pics. Once i get the bass drum , i'll transfer all the...
  8. geeza

    Tips on drilling acrylic?

    I'm building a acrylic kit and was wondering if anyone has had personal experience drilling the shells sucsessfully. I've done some research and have heard all kinds of conflicting advice. I'll be using RCI shells and don't want to destroy them in the process. I've drilled and modified drums...
  9. geeza

    10" Pearl Masters Snare in Platinum Mist

    So here is my latest project. I had an extra 10x8 MMX tom laying around and decided to turn it into a snare. I cut the top and bottom of the shell off , Recut the 45 degree bearing edge , used the inside holes from the top and bottom lugs, stretched them out slightly to fit the CL-55 lugs, threw...
  10. geeza

    Question for Roland SPD-20 owners

    Hey Guys , i recently bought the SPD-20. My question is, can the drum loops or phrases be set to loop continuessly without stopping unless of course you set one of the next pads to mute or stop. I don't want to have to keep striking the pad every four measures to keep it going. I do have the...
  11. geeza

    Stick breaks, camera catches it.

    This is just pure luck. A picture of me playing back in 95. Notice the top half of the stick in mid air.
  12. geeza

    DW reso head question

    My Pearl Masters Custom bass drum sounds incredible. My DW bass drum , not so good. When i bought my used DW's the bass drum did'nt have a DW head on the front so i ordered one from Interstate music. No matter how i tune it , it just sounds flat. I noticed the head is really thin unlike the...
  13. geeza

    Question for Pearl know it alls

    I have a mint condition set of Pearl session customs in platinum mist which was a limited edition color for the session series and are very hard to find. I bought them probably 7 years ago. I'm very attached to them but have been thinking about selling them. Is it possible that they might be...
  14. geeza

    Wrapping a DW tom

    I recently priced a DW 10" tom for my kit which was going to be just over $800.00. I found this one on Ebay for $300.00. I ordered the wrap from Precision Drum Co . I cut a recessed area at the overlapped top and bottom of the wrap and positioned it on the shell to exact DW specs. I then had a...
  15. geeza

    Do you play solos?

    I was just wondering what you guys think of playing drum solos. Wheather you do or don't and your reasoning behind it. I've been playing for twenty years and i don't play drum solos ever. I get asked all the time to play one and i just tell people i can't play a drum solo. Even though there are...