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  1. graysonator

    Wish list 2023!

    I'm pretty satisfied for gear for the most part. This year I really want to put my playing on focus and improve my reading skills (sheet music for example). I want a 5.5X14 bronze snare too but that'll come at a later date.
  2. graysonator

    Agop SE Jazz Ride 22” - my thoughts

    this is the exact one I bought :)
  3. graysonator

    Agop SE Jazz Ride 22” - my thoughts

    This guy weighs 2,325g! In the sweet spot!
  4. graysonator

    Agop SE Jazz Ride 22” - my thoughts

    Such a FANTASTIC pie! Specifically the 22” which I hand picked from DCP’s Cymbal Vault Youtube page. Very woody stick sound, so buttery when crashed. Reminds me of an old vintage Tony Williams/Mel Lewis style cymbal, and sounds huge as a big crash too! Very impressed and pleased with this thing...
  5. graysonator

    Chasing recommendations for dark and dry hi hats

    Istanbul came out with their 15" XIST Dry Dark Brilliant Hats and they have the sound you might be looking for! The Signature stuff is great too, I have a 24" ride that I love to bits! :)
  6. graysonator

    How many Crashes?

    None at the moment, I like to use light rides as crashes. I love their deep tone and I'm a left handed player so when a pattern is too fast for my right, I swap to my left side crash/ride! :) However I might be picking up a 20" crash in the near future that is more live, 'cause my riveted...
  7. graysonator

    Post your Gig Pics

    Retirement gig! Got to break out my 24" Agop Sig and it is just beautiful. Used some Birch Starclassics my buddy was kind enough to let me borrow!
  8. graysonator

    Crash Cymbals - same or different ones?

    It's all up to your personal taste, I've found I like to use a light sizzle ride as a darker crash and man is it beautiful
  9. graysonator

    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    Oh yeah, I’ve frequently been by, it’s a very good resource
  10. graysonator

    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    Thanks man! I’m doing more fusion/funk stuff these days. So a really thin, dry cymbal is more of the sound I’m going for
  11. graysonator

    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    Well, my 24" Joey Waronker Agop ride shipped in a few days back and while it was a great cymbal, I put it on my stand and found that that particular model just wasn't for me (a little too heavy and has a longer sustain). Craving more of a darker and dryer sound these days so I'm getting it...
  12. graysonator

    What's your latest purchase?

    Hand picked a 24” Istanbul Agop Joey Waronker ride at Bentley’s Drum Shop while down in California. It’s incredibly versatile and I can’t wait to go home and play it!
  13. graysonator

    Big Cymbals..Yes, or No?

    I absolutely love big crashes, right now it’s a 20 on my left and a 22 on my right :)
  14. graysonator

    My favorite sticks

    I got a pair of the Promark Carter McLean's and it felt so right in my hands, that I used my player points to get another pair for on the road!
  15. graysonator

    Where did you place your ride?

    I’d consider mine at a medium height and slightly tilted towards me.
  16. graysonator

    Wish list 2022

    I know it’s been a little over a month since this thread was active but I wanted to share I got an even better wish! 😃 I got a 20” Murat Diril Harvey Mason sig. crash ride with two rivets and this has to be my favorite cymbal I’ve ever heard! Coming in at 1784 grams, it’s dry, trashy and the...
  17. graysonator

    What's your latest purchase?

    My 20” Murat Diril Crash Ride just came in! So trashy and complex! Loving it
  18. graysonator

    What's your latest purchase?

    Just ordered a 20" Murat Diril Chameleon Crash Ride with two rivets... should be arriving here soon! I will update with pics once its arrived!
  19. graysonator

    Aquarian Super Kick 10 mini-review

    Have you tried the Force series bass heads from Aquarian? It’s their equivalent of a P3 and although I’ve never tried one myself as I am a fan of the SK heads, I’ve heard from others that it’s a lot more open and a touch more lively...
  20. graysonator

    Wish list 2022

    I can’t wait! I’m almost to my goal