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  1. 805Drummer

    Music for my skate video?

    Hey Drummerworld, I know I haven't been active for awhile--I'm sorry, but that's because I've been working on learning to better use my film and editing equipment for the skate/film camp I'm going to, Camp Woodward. So basically, I'll be shooting and editing a skateboarding video in the film...
  2. 805Drummer

    Drumming @ Best Buy What do you think? It's me, just kind of laying down a funky groove. The guy who came in at the end was really cool. It was his first time ever playing a drum set, and he was pretty good (he hit around on the toms, but semi-rhythmically).
  3. 805Drummer

    805's NEW K!!!!!!!

    So, I was going to a friend's house today... ...his friend has just given him some old drums and cymbals that were taking up room... ...for free... ...and so I came to his house to take a look and around and help set up the kit... ...when I get there, I see lots of cymbals, some vintage...
  4. 805Drummer

    Make my birthday list! =D

    MY BIRTHDAY IS MAY 27TH AND I'M SO EXCITED. Since joshisace's dad won't be needing anything, I thought I'd have Drummerworld give me suggestions on what to ask for. Price should be in the $100-ish range. (specs) 24" PDP 805 bass drum -Evans EMAD with white Evans double kick patch 14" PDP 805...
  5. 805Drummer

    Custom snare?

    So, my birthday is coming up, on May 27th...turning 15 =) And I was looking for a nice snare drum--like, a nice snare drum But there's just so many options, and the prices are so high, that I decided it might be a good idea to go custom. Not completely custom--I would buy from a custom...
  6. 805Drummer

    Why do drums cost less than guitars?

    Why do drums cost less than guitars? I see super-expensive guitars for hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even millions! And then even a SUPER nice drum set is only, maybe, $20,000 if not less! Is there a reason for this? It seems drum sets would cost more, because of all the metal...
  7. 805Drummer

    Your contest winnings?

    Spontaneous question: What drum gear have you won from contests, competitions, or sweepstakes? Go! =)
  8. 805Drummer

    New cymbals + gear!

    This weekend, to kick off spring break, my family went to Virginia Beach, where I visited Alpha Music. Now, this was not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill local music store. Alpha music is like Guitar Center, except 200 percent better. The staff are friendly, they have a HUGE selection (like...
  9. 805Drummer

    I have an amazing idea

    Here's the game plan: I'll start a band. On Youtube. A Youtube band. I get a bassist, guitarist, and a singer. I'll be the drummer. We all agree on a song to play, and we record ourselves covering it, without the actual music playing. They send all the clips to me, and I edit us all together...
  10. 805Drummer

    Losing invaluable work

    About one and a half years ago, I was on the phone with an Apple tech, trying to get my camcorder to work with iMovie. There were about 20 folders of video, that wasn't anywhere else but on my camera. The support person said that all of these were the same, and that I just had to back up one...
  11. 805Drummer

    Good, cheap, drum mics

    Hey everyone! As you know, I record videos on Youtube, of drum covers and stuff. I'd like to take this a step further and have my kit sound amazing, by micing it up. The problem: I know pretty much nothing about mics--all I know is to avoid cheapies like Nady, CAD, etc. I also know that a...
  12. 805Drummer


    This has been happening to me for a while. While this word might not normally be brought up in conversation, I noticed that whenever someone mentions an aquarium, I think and say "Aquarian" instead. I know this is a trivial matter, but does this happen to you?
  13. 805Drummer

    YOU decide what I buy

    My dad's taking me to Guitar Center tomorrow! Yippee! Now here's the thing: I have $200. I would like to spend it on something, and I have a few options: DRUM THRONE - $150 HI HAT STAND - $150 SIDE SNARE - $150 So which one do you think I should get? This is a poll, so just let me...
  14. 805Drummer

    SKIII + a surprise!

    When my Aquarian Superkick II kick drum head ripped, I gave Mr. Roy Burns a ring, and he kindly sent me a new one. What I wasn't expecting, though, was the weight of the box; it was very heavy for a drum head. When I brought it up to my room and I opened it, I found a pleasant surprise: An...
  15. 805Drummer

    NiN drummer Josh Freese sells his soul

    Not literally, but here is the new promotion for his new album: You know how Nine Inch Nails tie the digital goods (which can be duplicated ad infinitum) to scarce goods (merch, collector’s items, signed items, etc) to engage their audience and give them a chance to choose how much...
  16. 805Drummer

    My new DW 5000s

    My DW 5000 Accelerator AD3 double pedal just came about half an hour. I set it up, adjusted it, and snapped some pictures. First impressions: -The hardware itself is ROCK SOLID. Nothing moves, everything is sturdy. -It looks GREAT with my kit. Seriously. Red and black, red and black, red and...
  17. 805Drummer

    Oh NO!

    Oh god...I was just practicing my double bass, when all of a sudden, I go to retune my SuperKick II, when I notice it has a huge rip in it! It didn't break all the way through, but the first thin layer of the head completely ripped open, and now it's kind of just flapping about! So what should...
  18. 805Drummer

    Drumstick pencils!

    I was just reading this creative blog, Toxel, when I stumbled upon these! Drumstick pencils! I know it's been done before, but I just realized the possibilities... I can just picture myself, in school...
  19. 805Drummer

    DW 5000 double pedal for $220?

    I just found it on ebay here: It says the main beater is...
  20. 805Drummer

    Drum hoodie?

    I've looked all over the internet, and can't seem to find any good drum hoodies! I want a solid black one, zipper, and either Zildjian, Paiste, DW, or Aquarian. However, I can't seem to find ANY! Does anyone have a drum hoodie, or know where I can find one?