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  1. Local Oaf

    What's your latest purchase?

    Got another pair of Vic Firth Charlie Watts sticks and a Big Fat Snare Drum donut. I love the sticks (one of my favorite types of sticks) and the BFSD is a cool effect.
  2. Local Oaf

    Tony Allen - Afrobeat drums.

    In my mind, this is the one true Tony Allen.
  3. Local Oaf

    any songs you like that are in odd meter?

    Fairly simple to play, but I love playing it. “Possum Kingdom” by the Toadies
  4. Local Oaf

    Minivan for drummers/parents?

    I have a sienna and it rules for carrying tons of equipment
  5. Local Oaf

    No longer PorkPieGuy

    My thought exactly
  6. Local Oaf

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    I’ve been paring down my guitar’s pedal board but found the thing I’d been missing. It’s a Boss ML-2 Metal Core distortion pedal. I don’t really play metal core on it. It’s just a heavy as balls distortion and it has a whole different feel than my Plumes OD into Ram’s Head Fuzz. I owned one...
  7. Local Oaf

    Metal for neophytes

    I was going to suggest Sunbather as well!!! My favorite album of 2013
  8. Local Oaf

    Movin’ on up!

    Thanks! My work breaks just got a lot better
  9. Local Oaf

    Movin’ on up!

    Oh, it’s just the rod that would hold up the other tom if I was doing a two up one down arrangement. But since I don’t, it just kind of sits there doing nothing
  10. Local Oaf

    Movin’ on up!

    Thank you. Yes drumming in the heat is garbage. But I was in the marching band and was a shopping cart herder in Phoenix, so while I hate it, it’s sadly not out of the realm of what I’m willing to do.
  11. Local Oaf

    Movin’ on up!

    - 10”(not set up right now), 12”, 14”, 22” - 14” black galaxy Acrolite snare; I also have a 1970s Gretsch COB 4160 snare that rules. - 14.25” Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hi-hats - 20” Sabian HHX Evolution Ride - 18” Sabian AAX Freq Crash - 16” Sabian AA Concept Crash - 8” Splash Cymbals (Gio dry...
  12. Local Oaf

    Movin’ on up!

    I used to have a TAMA Rockstar that served me well, but this is a mid-90s Starclassic Performer. Also, I’m pretty sure 2001 was like six years ago
  13. Local Oaf

    Movin’ on up!

    In case you’re wondering why we didn’t store the furniture in the garage and the drums in the office, it’s because it is her sister’s furniture and she kept saying her sister was coming to pick it up, but kept not picking it up, and I’m a colossal dumbass and didn’t force the issue and just...
  14. Local Oaf

    Movin’ on up!

    My wife finally got rid of some furniture that she’d been storing in my home office, so after far too long out in the garage, ya boy can finally drum in air conditioning (just in time for fall and winter 😂) Still adjusting the ergonomics of it, like how the bass legs are clearly still wobbly...
  15. Local Oaf

    what made you want to start drumming?

    It was the ADHD for me.
  16. Local Oaf

    Here’s a great way to muffle your snare.

    Let’s take a moment to enjoy those Byzance Dual Hi-hats
  17. Local Oaf

    Here’s a great way to muffle your snare.
  18. Local Oaf

    your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

    Without a doubt it's Matt Maginn (bass) and Clint Schnase (Drums) from Cursive. They laid down that locked-in beat over which the guitarists and cellist could create chaos. Album example: The Ugly Organ
  19. Local Oaf

    Paper catalogs for my kids

    Y'all, Does anyone know if Musician's Friend or Guitar Center still do paper catalogs anymore? My nine-year-old son is learning guitar and my six-year-old son is learning the drums. I like to do small, non-forcing things to help them stay interested in learning their instruments. One thing I...
  20. Local Oaf

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Tama Starclassic Performer - Honey Amber Ludwig Acrolite - Black Galaxy