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    Floor tom tilted or flat?

    I’m a short guy and even with my stool setup higher (which I really don’t like) I’m routinely hitting the rim on the floor tom. I know I’m an anomaly here but I guess it just works for me.
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    Floor tom tilted or flat?

    Tilted quite a bit and lower than my snare
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    Traditional grip observation..

    I was trained on traditional grip more than 50 years ago on grade school snare drum. I didn't know there was any other way until I started playing on a kit. I noticed other drummers holding their sticks the same with both hands so I tried it. I didn't know there was a name for this it just...
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Probably not my favorite as a kid as it was too long a drive for me at that time but I did enjoy visiting a few times.
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    Who's using a throne with a back rest?

    I have a Roc-n-Soc w/backrest and wouldn't be without it but I do not gig any more so I don't have to hassle with that.
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    Apartment Living - Electric kit vs Mesh Heads LV cymbals

    How sad. I have no suggestions but am truly interested because as an "oldster" I am considering moving into condo or some other local where someone else maintains much (if not all) of the property. I really don’t want to give up my drumming. Then again, I don’t want to be the annoying new neighbor.
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    For the nostalgia threads

    This is going to really sound weird but I loved tearing off the plastic cellophane LP wrapping – just not the same with a CD or now streaming. BUT, don’t get me totally wrong, I am a true Spotify fan.
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    Terrible Noble and Cooley News

    Thank you for the explaination - much appreciated. I'm a Gretsch guy but this still sounds really sad to me.
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    Terrible Noble and Cooley News

    I may have missed this but who is the current owner and why/how did the Cooley decedents become redundant? How sad. . .
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    Short sound guy rant.

    Maybe it's just me but I'm missing the significance of the sound guy's stature?
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    The "two drummer blues"

    Interesting and it sounds like you two get along together. Very uplifting story - love it. . .
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    Your favorite drumshop.

    Used to be this place but now it too is gone.
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    Bar Owner Double Booked, How Do You Respond

    How absolutely disgusting. Hopefully bad karma got them back.
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    Bernard Purdie Interview / Rick Beato

    Thanks for sharing - this is what I what I wanted to know. Now I wonder how many of "us" are setup as such? Again, thanks. . .
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    Bernard Purdie Interview / Rick Beato

    Thanks all for your input. it never occured to me to setup differently. I like it.
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    Bernard Purdie Interview / Rick Beato

    Toms left to right setup as 12>10>14. This is what I was asking in an earlier post. Is this common? Do many of you configure your kit as such? No biggie, just wondering.
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    Bernard Purdie Interview / Rick Beato

    Not to detract from the interview which I liked (Yeah, BP can be a little into himself but that’s fine with me too) – but I have a different question. Maybe this is quite common but I noticed he has his high tom on the right side of his 2-up configuration. Is this more widespread than I thought?
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    Anyone Famous?

    . . . and you Bermuda – as others have eluded to. I can’t speak for everyone but I suspect we all much appreciate your input.
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    Playing drums with glasses? ..yes or no...

    Since I'm quite miopic (-9.50 diopters each eye), I wear mine all the time. . . .
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    Where are all my "Drum Buddies" from?

    Just south of Titletown USA (i.e., Green Bay).