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    So my paiste signature crash just picking a new crash!!

    ive never cracked a cymbal, but i live i so cal so its always warm, and i don t hit that hard. If you play Metal try the Paiste 2002 Rude. Super loud and tough Cymbal.
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    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    Heres my View: Tama SC Walnut birch in Molten Brown burst. Tama SLP Dynamic Kapur 6.5 x 14 Snare with Evans Generra Dry Head and Grover Jazz Bright Snare wires. 8", 10" and 12" rack toms with Remo Emperor coated. 14" and 16" Floor toms with Evans G2 clear ( OEM heads) 22" Kick with Evans EQ4...
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    Alternative to Moon gels?

    ive used those too. Cheap but stick really good.
  4. C you play your hats..generally

    Depends on what im playing.... Thrash or alt , yes i use shoulder. Pop or jazz , obviously use only the tip and always closed., and only Nylon tip sticks. They sound way better to me. 14" paiste 2002 sound edge
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    Alternative to Moon gels?

    TH Thanks for the info. I like your site.
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    Alternative to Moon gels?

    i tape a a .50 sweat band to it and get the same effect. i just flip it off when i dont want dampening. The wallet is $38!
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    Alternative to Moon gels?

    have you tried any heads from them? they are really low priced.
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    Deep drums

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    Alternative to Moon gels?

    RN i only muffle my snares. bought some moongel knock offs on amazon and they stick really well. have 4 on my Maple snare with black Dot Remo. On my Kapur i use a wrist sweat band taped to the hoop so i can flip it off easily when i want more overtone. I have Evans Genera Dry coated head on that.
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    Snare resonances

    I ended up Tuning the 8" Pretty high and a half turn higher on the Lug closest to the snare. That helped a lot but still there. Oh well, ill just muffle it when i record then. Annoying but ive done all i can.
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    Snare resonances

    I am getting Buzz on the 8" tom only and i have Grover Snare wires on the wood snare.. I don't care if i hear it, but the Mics are picking it up on recordings. Any ideas? I have low tuned the 8" and that helps. I am going to try Moongels on the reso on the Tom.
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    I Love the Evans HD Dry - There I Said it

    Im with you. I love it on my Tama SLP Kapur wood snare. I tried black Dot Remo and Coated G2 and both had insane amounts of Overtones. I have a small sweatband taped to the hoop that i can flip on or off for when i want some muffling. I dont love this snare for all styles though. It's not good...
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    Rate The ‘Last’ Film You Watched

    yes. love it. also many long quiet scenes of them riding and talking. I watch it at least 3 or 4 times a year. Guys bleed, guys cry, guys get scared. Im puzzled as to why its not higher ranked by Critics. A classic Good vs Evil story no more no less.
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    Rate The ‘Last’ Film You Watched

    Loved ford v ferrari. Especially Christian Bale.
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    Rate The ‘Last’ Film You Watched

    Open Range is great. Seems very realistic and not Hollywoody. One of my top 10 fave Westerns ever.
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    Rate The ‘Last’ Film You Watched

    The Menu.... 5 stars. The best Movie of the Year for me. Hilarious, a little scary and very smart script that skewers the Rich. The ending is crazy
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    Do high hat stands effect sound ???

    S Simple Solution buy a Tama Iron Cobra HH stand... Tama Hardware us all ive used and ive never had that problem. Even their Cheap stands ( i think roadmaster series? ) are good. they arent lightweight though. lightweight = equals no stability IMO
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Downey Music. in downey , ca . I remember going in there and drooling over the Ludwig and Slingerland kits. they had the Bonhamm Orange Vista lites which of course i wanted but couldnt afford.
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    Any Christmas Gear that You'd Like to Share?

    Xmas money bought some Mic cables and Grover snare wires, which is waaay better than the starclassic wires.
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    Who Cares What Drums Look Like

    i must bought my first new kit ever earlier this year. Tama Starclassic WB. I hated all the Finishes except 5 Molten Brown Burst ( Which i bought) ocean blue ripple charcoal onyx piano black transparent mocha fade so yeah, looks matter a lot