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    Vernel Fournier Drum Techniques

    Someone on DFO did a short video transcribing and demonstrating Poinciana.
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    Multi-tom cases

    An added feature of the double Tom bag is that since it is rigid I use it as a trap table placed next to the floor Tom for percussion and brushes or mallets.
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    Multi-tom cases

    Yes!! There is a price you pay for cheaper goods. It may seem like you are saving on the short term but down the road you’ll end up paying one way or another. I have Beato bags that I purchased 30 years ago that are still in service and functioning well. As far as the multi-tom saving wear and...
  4. Multijd

    How does one even beginning practicing playing time the way someone like Brian Blade does?

    The main thing is you have to hear it. You can’t play as creatively as BB if you are thinking of it from the technical side. That comes after. First You have to think of the musical side. Listen to a lot of music and especially non jazz. Contemporary classical, prog rock, African, Afro-Cuban...
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    Favourite music documentaries?

    The two Allman brothers docs and the Muscle Shoals one are both great. Also the Thelonious Monk “Straight No Chaser” is outstanding.
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    Multi-tom cases

    I bought a Beato double bag for my 12/14 toms a year ago. It’s such a great bag. Durable and easy to transport. I like it because the drums don’t get beat around as much as with single bags. When I ordered it Fred contacted me directly to inquire about the brand of drums and the mounts that are...
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    Wide open kicks: What heads and muffling?

    Again! Important info.
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    Wide open kicks: What heads and muffling?

    This is so smart. Listen to this.
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    German grip on the right hand

    I have a problem with calling any/all “thumbs up”technique French. This is not accurate. The names come from Timpani grip and true French grip is a fingers dominant grip. When your thumb is up how are you activating the stroke? Are you using your fingers? Rotating your forearm? Bending your...
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    My Slingerlands have two different inner plies

    Looks like you asked your question over at VDF. Here is a good resource for info about the shell construction and timeline. In my experience and understanding mixing shells wasn’t the thing at Slingerland like it was at Ludwig where they were...
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    4-Way Coordination Book - Have you used it? Was it beneficial? Any advice?

    Nice ideas and breakdown on your blog Todd. What benefits to your own playing have you seen from the extended work you’ve done with this book? Personally I never liked it. I worked with it a bit when I was in high school and college. I “got” sone of it but it is a “Himalayan” effort as you...
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    Anyone ever own vintage 3-ply Slingerlands?

    I have a Slingerland 3ply and a 5ply. Also Gretsch, Ludwig and Sonor. The 3ply are a mellow, warm, round tone. Very melodic and excellent for acoustic music. I mainly play jazz. They are very similar to three ply Ludwig’s. The five ply Slingerland are brighter and have more projection. I...
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    Anyone ever own vintage 3-ply Slingerlands?

    That doesn’t look like a Slingerland bd spur. They usually have a pointed end. You should use a rug with a block on the front or sone other way to stabilize the drum. That is standard.
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    Need help with Ludwig Superphonic LM400 snare drum please...

    From what I see in the photo it looks like you have the snare tension knob on the throw off tightened all the way (the spring appears totally compressed). The best thing to do is follow the video posted earlier for installing/adjusting the wires. See if that fixes it. When the wires are detached...
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    Need help with Ludwig Superphonic LM400 snare drum please...

    It’s nearly impossible to make a meaningful comment with out sone photos of the throw off mechanism. A short video of you engaging and disengaging it would be even better.
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    Wilcoxon No.114 WTF?!?

    I actually don’t have a problem with that sticking. I think it is possible to play without too much trouble and is actually the kind of idea represented in Cirone etude #2 from Portraits in Rhythm and from some of the Russian orchestral literature ie. Lt. Kije. I would not change it.I’ve noticed...
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Where did these stockings come from? I’ve had discussions online with guys who argue what I would call nonsensical solutions utilizing the incorrect stickings. I edited my copy and came up with those stickings in your picture.
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    Wilcoxon solos

    There is a particular printing that has a bunch of mistakes. It’s the one with the white paper cover from Ludwig in Cleveland. They really engraved it in finale or something and it’s not great. Still useable but you have to fill in the blanks sometimes.
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    Wilcoxon solos

    Nice job on this. Very accurate accent and rhythmic interpretation.
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    Promoting a Gig Without Social Media?

    Email list. Get the email addresses at gigs. Send out one email a month. Include other interesting thoughts, quotes, links, recipes in the email. Publicize more than your one band.