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    Tongue drum?

    Anyone have any experience with a tongue drum? There is one for sale locally and it's a hand carved wooden box to be played with's $100. Is there anyone who incorporates them into their "auxilary" sounds?
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    Head/rim question........

    How often do you take your top heads off and clean the debris out from between the rim and head? I find that when I play for 4-6 hours I see noticable wood shavings building I ok by just vaccuming out the crevice or should I be taking the rim off more often for sound...
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    Rogers Holiday snare

    I am currently trying to repair my Rogers snare..........the lugs have cracked and need replaced. I really just want it to sound good so vintage parts are not a neccessity.........the problem is that I can't find lugs with the same hole spacing and would prefer not to drill any new holes...