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    Hip Hop Snare

    Yamaha Steve Jordan Signature. Not produced anymore, but available used.
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    People with 26" bass drums: WTF do you drive?

    Should fit in a VW Sportwagon. About 36 mpg highway.
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    odery cafe kit

    Interested in the reasons you wouldn’t buy these drums. I believe they are made for Odery in China or Taiwan just like the Pearl and Ludwig kits you mention.
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    Should I Buy: Grestch USA Bronze Snare (14 x 5)?

    I have no experience with the New Classic line. That would be a maple shell I believe. I don’t think they compete as much as compliment each other. They are both pro level drums so you can’t lose either way
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    Should I Buy: Grestch USA Bronze Snare (14 x 5)?

    Great drum. Have a Remo Skyntone for batter and Diplomat on snare side. Thinking about putting Grover wires on it as well. Great sensitivity. Use it with my smaller bop/jazz kits and it is perfect. Excellent general purpose snare.
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    Cracked Stave Shell

    I repaired some cracks in a stave bass drum recently. One of my friends is a highly skilled antique repairman and he recommended that I avoid tightbond glue. His suggestion was Fish Glue which is available online at StewMac. I bought three fabric clamps from Harbor Freight (you can probably get...
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    new ludwig club date spurs

    INDe mounts. Great stuff!
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    I've given up the search. I've ordered a 1-off Ludwig tom

    Dennis at Long Island Drum Center—great guy, great store!
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    Beginner+Newbie here/drum set advice

    On the Signets, many people have mentioned concern about the snap on lugs, but I don’t recall anyone actually saying they had any problems. Signets sound great and are a different class of drum than the Pearl Decades.
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    Oriollo Bop Kits

    Very musical and fluid playing! Drums sound great.
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    Tom mounting options?

    With all the great Tom suspension options like the Inde mount, I have to question the whole current obsession with virgin bass drums. I prefer the simplicity of a nice tom mount on the bass drum. Using a dedicated tom “basket” stand means more stand bases to fiddle with and saps resonance. My...
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    Cajon purchase choice

    I’d avoid electronic cajon models. In my experience they tend to use less responsive front plates and are prone to failure of the electronics/pickups. Get a boundary mic from Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic or Shure. They go inside the cajon so you get good isolation from other sounds on stage and...
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    Bill Stewart on Canopus Yaiba Set - Wow

    Probably the best value out there—prices have gone up quite a bit since I got mine in 2017. Then again, a great player goes a long way to pulling the best out of a kit.
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    Drum sets on Music Row, Nashville

    Interesting information. If the Yamaha drums were Oak Customs made by Sakae I’d also classify them as higher-end. Sakae quality is superb and those drums were, and still are, a bargain. An example of quality exceeding price.
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    n00b snare questions: sound, tone

    From another angle that hasn’t been mentioned yet—trying to get a particular sound that is on a recording can be a real challenge. Major label recordings are done in very controlled surroundings, using mics that often color the sound. Add on compression, gating, spatial effects and lots of...
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    Bop Kit Choices?

    Canopus Yaiba Bop. Best value in a bop kit if you plan to play jazz
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    Ludwig Neusonic issue

    Second that suggestion! I have great results with the EC2 on my Signet 105 kit. Collar also seems to fit the most bearing edges better as well.
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    That notorious Ludwig Acrolite throw off let me down last night

    Inde throw off. Should fit existing holes and Josh’s stuff is all excellent.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Canopus Club Kit in Bermuda Sand wrap and a Doc Sweeney Stave Kit, mixed species shells of White Oak and Leopardwood. My wife is right on the edge and ready to beat me to death in my sleep....
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    What a USA Custom sounds like with 45/45 bearing edges

    Yeah. I can hear that Canopus tone but I think there is slightly less sustain and resonance but stronger attack. It’s a good sounding kit to me.