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    Has anyone tried the GMAD?

    i was thinking about trying it. just wondering if anyone has a review on it.
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    Is this possible?

    After looking at te thread about the new cherry stave drum set (which was gorgeous) some of the posts referred to "stave" drum building. and hows its better and uses less glue and such. but then i thought to myself why use any glue at all. would one think its possible to just cut down a fairly...
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    Warmest drum heads

    what would you say give you the warmest heads? lets say you have a single ply medium weight head thats obviously coated who offers the warmest heads, remo, evans, or aquarian. same with 2 ply heads one plies are warmer than 2 right?
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    How does Paiste do it?

    We all know that B8 bronze is typically referred to as "sheet bronze" or just a a lower grade metal for cymbals. companies like sabian and zildjian use it for their entry level cymbals. how is it possible that professional cymbals like 2002's are made from b8? especially since 2002s are one of...
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    Stupid Drum sizes?

    why is that standard drum kit sized with 12 13 and 16 toms. to me it makes no sense. if a fusion set goes 10 12 14 why wouldn't they go 12 14 16. i cant stand that its a 13 and now that i have bought a 14in tom its a pain in the ass to buy new heads individually any reason why they would a 13...
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    Ghost Notes

    anyone have and tips how do to these. i can sometimes pull them off but its very hard to do. how do you learn to perfect these.
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    Cobra Coils Anyone?

    i havent heard much from anyone about these. has anyone ever tried cobra coils on their on iron cobras? how does it change things... smoother? quicker? etc.
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    Who got a new drumset?

    Me =] ! idk if this is allowed to do this. i just wanted to express my joy A friend of mine that i work with sold me his Yamaha Stage Custom for $350 including hardware (which im just gonna sell). and boyy does it sound nice. I previously had a Tama Imperialstar which by no means was a bad set...