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  1. BackbeatBurlesque

    My Band Wants To Try The Two-Drummer Thing

    Happy birthday, fellow Piscean. Free booze always welcome, I say 😋. Hope the 2-drummer thing produces some cool sounds ... and harmony between both players. As someone with ADHD and other life-changing anxiety disorders, I am always interested in how non-afflicted people view our condition...
  2. BackbeatBurlesque

    What's your latest sale of gear?

    I recently scored a Protection Racket tom and kick case for $10 at a blowout sale at my local music store. Sold them online for $80 and am applying the proceeds toward replacing the heads on my starter kit's kick drum.
  3. BackbeatBurlesque

    When Bandleaders Can't Count Off.

    "Swing the band" is spot-on. I recall my father, a jazz bassist in England in the early 1940s, telling me that it was job (along with the drummer) to "drive the band." Cheers.
  4. BackbeatBurlesque

    When Bandleaders Can't Count Off.

    Thanks, that made my night! Just forwarded to my 4 bandmates and one of the singers replied: "guilty as charged."
  5. BackbeatBurlesque

    What's your latest purchase?

    Hi, everyone. Just joined the forum today -- my first-ever music forum. Very impressed! Thanks to everyone who helps makes this happen. My latest acquisition is a Profile cymbal bag. My bandmate picked it up for me for $10 at a music store blowout sale. It retails for $159 CAD. Three weeks on I...
  6. BackbeatBurlesque

    INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

    Real name? Simon Haworth Age? 61 How long have you been playing? 7 months Origin of user name? My friend and bandmate, with 55 years playing under his belt, said I play like a burlesque, pit-band drummer. I was flattered. Your top 5 drummers? Morelo, Stinson, Peart, Fadden, Krupa. Make of...