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    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm loosing you, Rod Stewart and The Faces, Kenney Jones on drums. So 70s and that drum solo is something else. 70s rock generally.
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    Practicing less and improving more??

    I didn’t start drumming until my early 50s, so also quite late. I had a couple of teachers and weekly lessons over the first 2 years. No criticism of my teachers whatsoever, they got me started and taught me a lot, but I never felt pushed or challenged. I did a lot of stuff on my own and...
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    When to close high hats

    This is generally when following drum sheet notation. Also considering that I appreciate that it is not necessary to strictly adhere to the written drum sheet notation in front of me, but what would or should I do regardless to generally play cleanly and sound nice as a drummer. Typically after...
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    Endurance when playing

    OP - Thanks for all the advice and interesting input guys, much appreciated.
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    Endurance when playing

    To practice getting around the kit a bit faster I decided to learn a few punk songs, starting slow and building up the tempo. No problem with technique and speed eventually, but what I did not consider was my foot speed gradually decreasing when I started to play the whole song through at...
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    Time away from kit

    I’m currently working away from home and so cannot get on my drum kit, and no other alternative is available, and this will probably go on for about a year. In one way I feel it has forced me to concentrate more on doing every other thing I can, regularly using my practice pad for rudiments etc...
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    Grid the paradiddle with flam

    To develop down, tap and up stroke technique and speed I practice moving the accent in the paradiddle. I’ve now got it down from changing every 4 measures to every measure, and leading with both hands at a reasonable speed. Rlrr, Lrll, rLrr, lRll, rlRr, lrLl, rlrR, lrlL So to change things up a...
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    First song(s) you played

    I’m in the process of building up my play list, as my current priority is to play more songs because that is an area of my drumming that is seriously lacking. My practicing is based on this and I try to keep it progressive and varied. I’m an intermediate level drummer and my list is largely made...
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    Should drum beats sound the same?

    I’m grouping a pattern of rudiments together on a practice pad or snare: Single stroke roll, double stroke roll and paradiddle with no accents. A couple of bars of each continually repeating, and increasing the bpm. I was wondering if it is it correct to think that the aim should be to get all...
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    Stroke Control Exercise

    Something I started as a challenge a few months ago was to do a conventional accented single paradiddle (Rlrr, Lrll) but be able to move the accent, after every 2 measures of each. (Rlrr, Lrll) x 2, (rLrr, lRll) x 2, (rlRr, lrLl) x 2, (rlrR, lrlL) x 2 I have since progressed to repeat this...
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    Galloping Sixteenths

    I have recently started practicing putting some accents into my sixteenth note pattern drum fills. I began with a single accent per quarter measure of sixteenths, deciding where to place it and practicing repetitively on a practice pad as a single stroke roll exercise to a metronome. Then mixing...
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    Apart from practicing rudiments and exercises, and learning songs from the drum score, as an intermediate level drummer I would like to try to develop a level of musicality (Pull stuff out of the bag). I have tried to play along to drum less tracks and develop my own drum parts as I listen...
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    Which crash to hit

    Basically I have 16 inch cash on the left and an 18 inch crash on the right, so a different sound whichever I hit. How important is it to hit the correct crash at the right time in the music, or is it simply the most convenient one depending on your sticking and position on the kit at the time...
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    Difficulty playing songs

    I have been playing drums for around 4 years as a hobby. Practice involves on the kit at home at the weekend for a few hours, and practice pad in the week as I work away. I have also had about 2 years on and off tuition with a good teacher. The thing is that I can’t seem to play actual songs...
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    Kick drum method change

    After playing drums for around 18 months or so using heal up method on kick drum I am now learning some grooves and struggling to speed up a double kick pattern to play at the right tempo. At the risk of everyone saying that I just need to practice I would just like to say that I can achieve...
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    New year drumming resolution (2013)

    I have been learning to play drums with a very good teacher for about 18 months and practice the material he shows me as often as I can. I also practice the drum rudiments and work from stick control and 4-way co-ordination books. I feel I am progressing steadily but have begun to neglect why I...
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    If you began learning to play drums again.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. My question is: If you began learning to play drums again what if anything would you do differently in your learning/practice to reach your current ability level sooner or have a greater ability than you have now. I started learning drums about a year...