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    Mapex M Series + Mike Portnoy 12x5

    the m series is discontinued. I got it in '02. aquarian response 2 heads, and my new mike portnoy snare, stock with ambassador. I'm working on the roto tom
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    roto tom position

    I'm trying to position a roto tom and I can't use the stand because I'm placing it right over the bassdrum. what I've done is duct taped it to a small cymbal stand, but I don't look at that as a long term solution. it also sags because the duct tape doesn't keep it steady. thoughts?
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    I'd just like to say thanks to how responsive and helpful this forum has proven to be. I always get responses on my topics within hours of posting (a fresh breath of air from other forums I've been in). Thanks a lot!
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    Meinl A custom?

    So I currently have 16" and 18" a custom fast crashes. I really like them because they aren't too loud and have a nice bright washy sound (unlike my 18" a custom china but there's a thread somewhere about chinas). I want to get a third crash, probably a 17", but I want to go meinl. Meinl's are...
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    DT drum auditions

    after watching the spirit carries on several times, I've really just wanted to see the entire auditions for each drummer. unfortunately with mike out of the band, I fear that a dvd like this wouldn't be published considering mike was the one who basically edited and released all their dvds...
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    Standing up?

    sup guys, I've been listening to a lot of dream theater lately, and the way mike stands up really gets the crowd going. The guitarists in my band don't move at all on stage, and there is only so much I as the drummer can do to show some emotion. It'd be cool to stand up for a part of song to...
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    sorry for spamming threads, but does anyone know where to get big baggy cargo shorts like phil's? (1996- present) i need some
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    Pantera outfit/Floods

    So I've been looking at a lot of pantera videos on youtube lately and I noticed two things. One: Did they ever play Floods before 2001? I can only find vids of Floods live in 2001 Two: I noticed that both Dime and Phil started wearing these button-down sleeveless shirts live starting in 2000...
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    Would Dime/Pantera and Jimmy Hendrix be praised as much if they didn't die?

    Idk I know they were both great musicians and I'm a big Pantera fan myself, but I feel like people sometimes praise them more because they're dead and not because of their music. I know there are a lot of people who are all "RIP Dime!" and all the only song they know is Cowboys. tell me what...
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    tipped over RODE NT-1. broken?

    ok so i just got a tom holder. i have a bunch of mics set up including the rode nt-1 as an overhead. i moved the mics out of the way so i could set up the tom holder. i was done and putting the mics back when the cord of one of them made the nt-1's stand tip over. i don't think it directly hit...
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    Axis, Trick, or Iron Cobra

    Which should i get. I'm not really liking the idea of Axis cuz of the allen key crap.
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    Drum recording help/interface

    I have all the mics i need if not more and 8 xlr cords. My dad has had this Boss BR1600 lying around so i decided to use that to record into. It's great and all but I can't do any mixing or anything considering it's a digital recorder, not Pro Tools. We use macs so i have access to GarageBand...