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  1. drumnut87

    What's your latest purchase?

    yep :) even came with original instruction manual! :) and theyre strap drive as well, which is perfect for me! :)
  2. drumnut87


    hi there. welcome to to the forum :) if you want to go with remo, clear pinstripe or emperor or PS3/4 batter side over clear ambassadors on resonant side of the toms, ps3 or powersonic or PSpro on kick batter over ebony resonant if you want to go with evans, G2 or EC2 batter side over G1...
  3. drumnut87

    What's your latest purchase?

    just won this on fleabay :)
  4. drumnut87

    How many Crashes?

    aye! :) though i actually started experimenting with my chinas in that position before i knew who ray was, but when i did see his setup i thought that it makes sense for me comfort wise, and also looks cool! :D
  5. drumnut87

    This was a pretty piece of walnut ...

  6. drumnut87

    Happy Birthday Andy

  7. drumnut87

    Carl Palmer Still Has it!

    definitely a good drummer!! heard he's quite arrogant though. but i could be wrong.
  8. drumnut87

    How many Crashes?

    two for what i need atm, an 18" on my left, and a 19" on my right, but i used to rock 4 of them when i had my old setup :) 16, 17, 18 and 19 :)
  9. drumnut87

    Is it possible to move double kick beaters?

    not a problem, glad to help out! had to do it on several pedals ive owned over the years. happy drumming!
  10. drumnut87

    Drum mics

    if you're recording, then you'll need overhead mics and/or a room mic to capture your cymbals, i havent seen a budget so i'll reccomend what i record and gig with. i would reccomend getting the following lewitt mics because theyre cheaper than the big players but sound just as good if not...
  11. drumnut87

    Name that drummer

    clem burke. on a gorgeous set of premiers back in the day :)
  12. drumnut87

    Is it possible to move double kick beaters?

    is all good my man :) ive been playing 33 & 1/2 years and i still get even the basics wrong from time to time, or i forget where ive left something and its right in front of me xD
  13. drumnut87

    Possibly scammed

    that sucks man, hopefully it wasnt a large amount of $ youve been scammed out of :(
  14. drumnut87

    Is it possible to move double kick beaters?

    where the two bolts are holding the beaters in place, keep working down the cams, and there should be two very small allen key bolts just underneath. detach the pedal, look at the base of the cams holding the beaters in place. you may have them, or you may not, as ive not worked with that...
  15. drumnut87

    Is it possible to move double kick beaters?

    wrong bolts, those will unscrew the beaters and cause them to drop down or fall out :)
  16. drumnut87

    Do you ever get the are you still playing drums question?

    yep, i dont mind as it means people are talking to me xD
  17. drumnut87

    What are you listening to right now?

    something on the heavier side of things :) a Ukrainian metal band that focus solely around the first world war :)
  18. drumnut87

    What are you listening to right now?

    first heard this tune back on GTA: san andreas soundtrack, loved it ever since :)