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  1. Drum Mer

    Hugh Padgham x Toontrack

    The sounds and songs I and a lot of us grew up with. Very cool!
  2. Drum Mer

    Lester Estelle

    Smiling, grooving, and killing his kit. What a beast: Also probs to his tech Pete!
  3. Drum Mer

    Some Zildjian K Constantinople Sound Lab goodness.

    And the 8” brilliant baby IAK splash tucked in between them. As my studio is now empty waiting for new drums, I wanted to touch the cymbals at least again after a long period of not playing them. 20” 24” 8” 16”
  4. Drum Mer

    Frequent eBay scammers.

    Can we pin this post? These are some well known scammers/scamming practices: mimamodparis mtrshh katestore...
  5. Drum Mer

    Love my new to me B.O.A. Set!

    Fell in love with the system after finding a single pedal locally for a steal three weeks ago. A week after that I found a set of the double pedal and hh stand too. The doubles will he converted to lefty. Impossible with the 9000 and MDD, but very possible with the PDP BOA because of how...
  6. Drum Mer

    Craviotto 14x8 goodness.

    A preview. More when she arrives. I was a bit hesitant to get a Craviotto again (my last experience wasn’t that great) but as this one was made by the man himself as a custom order for the previous owner (and a bit because of its price too), it was worth the gamble.
  7. Drum Mer

    Yamaha beaters

    I finally got a titanium shaft (and an extra used shaft with beater at the same time by coincidence). looking forward to try them out. Thin felt Thick felt Plastic Wood Rubber Anyone else uses these?
  8. Drum Mer

    Ok... my Yamaha Oak with the customized Hex setup

    A little crossposting, since im very proud at my red baby: More pics can be found in here: Im waiting for the custm Daxdad to match the kit but it will look like this: Have to say. It took a long time to come to this setup and...
  9. Drum Mer

    Michael Jackson's last tour drummer... who's it going to be?

    So.. Who's it gonna be? One of the elder studio drummers: John J.R. Robinson Leon Ndugu Chancler Rayford Griffin Phaulino Da Costa Nate Smith Or one of the elder tour drummers: Jonathan '''SugarFoot' Moffett Ricky Lawson Michael Blend Or a new ''younger'' cat (like his ''young'' producers...
  10. Drum Mer

    Frankfurter Musik Messe 2009

    Anyone going this week?
  11. Drum Mer

    R.I.P. Earl Palmer.

    This morning the news arrived in Holland, that the drum legend Earl Palmer has passed away yesterday: (Ap) (Drummerworld red.) Our thoughts are with his family and friends.