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    Weird things I do as a drummer.

    I've got my 5B's doing RLRL on the way home on my steering wheel. One day that freakin air bags gonna pin me to the seat. 😨.
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    Bottom Drummer

    His kit sounds like ass.
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    Merry Christmas

    🎄 🍺 🍕 🎄 🍺 🍕 Have a Griswald Christmas you beat keepers. 🎅 🎄 🍺 🍺.
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    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    Remember the YouTube video of Ford drum company owner with two others showing how all those shell types sound alike?. Like 8 toms?. He did go on to say that a Sonor drum will however sound different (which they didn't have) due to its thickness. I'm trying like he'll to back up my thoughts on...
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    8 lugs on a 24” kick?

    DW will say it's to increase resonance when it's actually a money saving move. Can't you just see all the drummers in the audience raving over the latest 8 lug 24?. Man! That thing has power!.
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    Anyone done buying gear here? Bozozoid and I'm a drumaholic. All's it would take is a set of phonics in the sizes I need an id fall off the wagon like I was hit by a raging buffalo nervously holding out my CC. How in thee hell would I tell my wife sitting at home waiting for me to return home with the pizza we...
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    Bottom Drummer

    Holds down the bottom. Probably the latest groovy musician cool guy slang.
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    Perhaps Silly Bearing Edge Question

    Any of you phonic users out there...if I'm not impressed with Mapex Orion shells (very thick) or Pearls original reference shells would there be a discernable difference. Of all the drums I've test driven over the decades I've not once ran into a phonic kit.
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    Riding the crash!

    Was in a 60s band for awhile and riding my 18" signature fast crash came in handy on some Beatles tunes (in sections).
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    Drum solo to open the show ….

    That may very well be the modern day equivalent to Innagodadavida!.
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    What the road had/has taught you

    Damn..thats deep drummer. Wow. I'm like someone listening to a riveting lecture. All of you have been through the 🔥.
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    CM Jones dumped Pearl for Sonor!!!

    Puff the magic dragon was a tear jerker as a kid. 😢.
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    What the road had/has taught you

    That my friend is hindsight 20/20 😃.
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    What the road had/has taught you

    Promise...eyes closed... 😃.
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    What the road had/has taught you getting to know you guys on a more personal level. I'm very interested in your musical trek as much as what ride cymbal you like. I get to peek into your soul.
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    Pic of yourself

    I feel so bad about being computer challenged and not being able to participate in posting photos. I'm sure once I catch on I'll think why didn't I do this befor. I want to post photos of me in my white leather turquoise renown the grocery store etc. Everyone...
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    What the road had/has taught you

    Drummer! HAVE been on the road!. Damn I had a good laugh as unfunny as it can be!.
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    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    Any snaredrum with holes drilled into it 😠.
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    What the road had/has taught you

    For me it was that you better have some diplomacy skills or your in for a long trip. Stay healthy and positive or you are............. Some hotel/motel rooms are close to condemnable. You better have some gypsy in your soul or missing your friends like a ten year old is a small problem. You...
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    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    Not to beat a dead horse but here is what I'd learned from my Bob Gatzen tuning DVD and believed whole heartedly. I'll have to greatly summarize as not to bore you and MYSELF with this. In a section of the DVD he talks about vibrating and nonvibrating shells and mentioned that there isn't a...