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  1. Yamaha Rider

    Airplane construction (Khruangbin)

    Loved this band for a few years now (Khruangbin means 'airplane' in Thai): the essence of 'less is more' on the drums, bass - and a virtuoso, eclectic guitarist - but just found this little video that shows their music is constructed in the reverse order than I would have imagined. I'm a little...
  2. Yamaha Rider

    Favourite ghost note records?

    Got any favourites to share? Is it me, or is the use of ghost notes here amazingly effective and skilful? If you're the impatient type - grab the snare break after 2' 45"... You Got To Have A Mother For Me - James Brown, Clyde Stubblefield on drums.
  3. Yamaha Rider

    Recording live music to mobile phone

    Hi, I've been recording my forays into Open Mic nights - and constantly find my phone overloaded by the volume and hard acoustics - distorting the vocals in particular. I don't expect stunning fidelity - just something that's pleasant to listen to and learn from. This is one of the better (!)...
  4. Yamaha Rider

    Tony Allen - Afrobeat drums.

    How did they get that delicious tom sound? Tuning? Or in production? I ❤ it!
  5. Yamaha Rider

    Bangles mystery

    Now here's a great recording ❤❤❤ But what are those drums? Gretsch bass drum head - but long high tension lugs? Did Gretsch make drums like that - or are they Pearl/Yamaha/?
  6. Yamaha Rider

    Early Earl Palmer. Rockin!

    Never heard this song before - You better believe it, Paul Gayten - grabbed me instantly. Wonderfully raw and fresh old-school drum cover (IMO).
  7. Yamaha Rider

    Recording/ Videoing E Drums on Android phones

    I assumed videoing myself drumming would be straightforward... 🙄 Despite installing Open Camera - and connecting the audio jackto the headphone outlet on the drum module - the damn phone just records through its own mic. Weird thing is - if I plug an aux mic in, it records through it. How does...
  8. Yamaha Rider

    Not proud of this, but beyond my power to resist ...

    Can only find on instagram, sorry.
  9. Yamaha Rider

    Everybody Wants To Rule The World - groove lesson

    This song never ages - several ways to play it from the nicest guy in drum tutorials - Mike Barnes:
  10. Yamaha Rider

    Fake Mesh drums

    Hi folks, bought an 'Alesis Mesh head drum trigger pad' from ebay because I need the bounce of mesh to work on my rolls and drags - what I received was a standard rubber/metal drum with a mesh head added by the seller. So it looks like a mesh drum but doesn't function as one at all. The seller...
  11. Yamaha Rider

    Julia Hofer. Your dream rythm section?

    Got a bass player you'd love to team up and jam with? Ooh, I have. I just discovered Julia Hofer... Jawohl! ❤
  12. Yamaha Rider

    Round/square edge bass hoops

    Despite the generally gorgeous metalwork on the 90s Stage Custom - the bass drum claws are shoddy looking little stampings. Tried distracting the eye with T bar rods - but no-one makes ones long enough to fit, apparently. So - I'd like to switch to the 'wing' type claws - eg: but they all seem...
  13. Yamaha Rider

    BAD left-hand habit

    Ooh, this is an embarrassing one ... Having spent years learning (and having lessons) on e-kits - and recently getting my first real, acoustic kit - which I've only been able to play very rarely (thanks to lockdown and no space of my own) and with brushes only - I've suddenly been mortified to...
  14. Yamaha Rider

    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    Beauty is not something we always associate with the hairy-arsed world of drumming - but it can be beautiful, as this recording proves, in my opinion at least. Any thoughts on the recording quality of this track and the drumming itself? (I believe it to be Marvin himself on drums) I'm in no way...
  15. Yamaha Rider

    Cymbal of distress

    Anyone ever used a cymbal in less pristine, more preloved condition than this beauty? Dan Magnusson, Seasick Steve. Are those rivet or bullet holes?
  16. Yamaha Rider

    Floor Toms for Dummies (ok, me)

    Here's the thing - I've touched on this before, but no-one 'bit' - whenever I see a stripped back, bare bones, 3 piece kit - there is a floor tom in there. Floor tom is way down my list of favourite things: it's way 'over there' for a start, if I add a tom to a fill it's overwhelmingly the '12'...
  17. Yamaha Rider

    Interesting mystery snare drum?

    Just spotted this for sale at £35 - anyone know what it is? That throwoff looks nicely made for a cheapo.
  18. Yamaha Rider

    Anderson Paak - funky drumming.

    Just found out this rapper/singer also drums at the same time. It's the first song that impressed me. Bit of rap potty-mouth in the intro I should advise- but that hihat technique looks pretty fierce to me. Any thoughts?
  19. Yamaha Rider

    Classic Snare Sound?

    Love this groove (I follow his posts on Instagram). It occurred to me that that clear, ringing snare sound seems to be what many drummers aim for (?) - but do any well known records have a sound like that? I asked Mike Barnes (the excellent UK drum tutor) about the Eagle's snare sound and how...