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  1. Drum Mer

    What's your latest purchase?

    Someone replaced the,m (as the modern ones fetch a pretty price) but they are both alu so it should sound the same. I have to admit I like the look of the Power Hoops quite a lot.
  2. Drum Mer

    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    With the righ heads and tuning they can be killer side and even main snares for some styles. I used one for over 20 years and only gave it to my friend because he needed a side snare and I just temporarily swiched to DW.
  3. Drum Mer

    TV shows or movies that didn't hold up through the test of time for you.

    Gotta love all these triggered responses 😂
  4. Drum Mer

    TV shows or movies that didn't hold up through the test of time for you.

    You prove my point even more. Im glad there are less and less of you guys walking around this earth.
  5. Drum Mer

    TV shows or movies that didn't hold up through the test of time for you.

    How to say you are old skool alpha, without saying you are old skool alpha. These are evolved times now, and the old ways are (luckily) mostly done. No is no, its not playing hard to get (the f is that way of thinking anyway) and no self respected women will think that is sexy (what a f joke)...
  6. Drum Mer

    What's your latest purchase?

    And it fits: And its its 2” shorter than the cancon called daxdad 😂 It does make up a bit for the diameter shortage.
  7. Drum Mer

    Virgin bass drum myth/hoax

    You can also mount it on the rim flange of the tom, that has the same effect. Using a light stand works even more.
  8. Drum Mer

    What's your latest purchase?

    A new old stock condition Rick Marotta Hip-Gig. It even came with the original heads, spacers, manual and catalogs.
  9. Drum Mer

    TV shows or movies that didn't hold up through the test of time for you.

    As much as I love the movie (my favorite) , the “rape” scene in Blade Runner didn’t held up well. Also the very rapy and sexist older James Bond is terrible to watch now we learned so much more about consent. Even if it is in movies.
  10. Drum Mer

    Ordered My New DW Set Today

    Rich man. A single kick will cost between 2 and 3k here. I wanted to order a full set, but the prices in Europe are just insane thanks to gewa ans all the other world issues that raise prices. Congrats!!
  11. Drum Mer

    Should I get a Steel snare?

    The only steel I would consider (after having owned both a cheap stage custom and more expensive stainless steel custom from yamaha). And even this is ony my “im not sure I like it” list. I think I prefer alu and cast bronze more.
  12. Drum Mer

    MacGuyver tips and tricks??

    Its a tama style model tom clamp that you can use for cymbals too as stated above
  13. Drum Mer

    The Black Beauty on records

    It could have been helped by the Wendell Jr. during the process.
  14. Drum Mer

    The Black Beauty on records

    The title song (and probalby more) is done on a Keplinger. That distinctive, but not cheap steel sounding zoing. Gregg Keplinger was Matt’s tech at that time and it seems he had Matt play his prototype’s. I read it was an 8” deep model.
  15. Drum Mer

    Butt kicker anyone??

    Im on my fifth in 8 years (each time an upgrade/change of model). I started with a loan model BC, then the gigster, then the BC Rack, then the custom X (with the BC transducer inside it, and rack amp as I found it lacking just like the gigster), and now this model. I do want to see if I can...
  16. Drum Mer

    John JR Robinson now with DW

    Or its because he has one opinion out of many, and Yamaha has tested what they think works for their drums (and thousands agree with that). You can’t expect to change a philosophy of a company. Then its indeed better to go somewhere else.
  17. Drum Mer

    New Old Yamaha YD-9000

    Powerfull drums. Although for anything smaller than 24” I prefer the new kicks.
  18. Drum Mer

    When Are Drum Shells Too Thin?

    When you think of now (in retrospect) it its insane. 10 ply shells with a thickness of 10mm. But its probably also why they sound as they do and are sought after. You can recognize them by the pre-yess ft brackets. This ply lay out was used from 1990 to 1992.
  19. Drum Mer

    What kind of Yammies are these?

    Good question 😂 Also if you look closely its all over the place. Heavy scarring, some missing and switched out badges, and even an extra mount on the 16 floor so you can hang it. Spend way too much money on them too. But its sort of ok. I can at least enjoy its incredible sound.
  20. Drum Mer

    What kind of Yammies are these?

    I have an old beater RC. Beaten up and miss used so much that I kind of hate its looks (see what the drum world has done to us. If it was a guitar it was relic and sick to have). But love its sound.