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    What the road had/has taught you

    For me it was that you better have some diplomacy skills or your in for a long trip. Stay healthy and positive or you are............. Some hotel/motel rooms are close to condemnable. You better have some gypsy in your soul or missing your friends like a ten year old is a small problem. You...
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    Cheap (inexpensive) vs high dollar snaredrums....

    Cheap snaredrums that caused you to rethink your view on equiptment..vs high dollar drums that made you lose some faith in overly engineered exotic woods and metals.
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    Drum sounds you never liked until now?

    Never liked Gary Mallabers sound on Steve Miller's Fly like an eagle but for his style years later I dig it (for him). I'm out and about today and I throw in Grand Funks Closer to home CD..his snare sound is tight and a 5" superphonic with a wallet on it..his tom sound is the thin...
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    Fell..and almost broke my arm!

    2 months ago I'm at work..i walk into the restroom and bam! flat on my back..i get up and all is well. 3 weeks ago at work again I walk over a slight bit of water left by the floor cleaner and bam! guessed it..all was well. Last walking out of know the arrows...
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    Back in the saddle?

    The last band I was a part of was an 8 piece horn band and played relentlessly for 10 years. I've been dormant forever now. Well? I ran into the areas premier blues vocalist at Hy-vee last night. He mentioned getting together next Saturday night with none other than the bass player of the horn...
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    One up tom mount

    This will bug me unless I get it out. Not sure if it's thread worthy but I need your opinions. Forget price..sturdiness..this is cosmetic only. The photo of Philly Jo Jones in the 13 hihat thread made me jump in and ask this. The old tom mount he has on his Ludwig kit (to me) is just cool. It...
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    Snap shot photos going through your mind

    Over the years..and this may just be unique to me but there are things that have stuck out in my mind from various bands over the years. One was of a guitar player playing a black strat playing Gary glitters rock&roll..he would also say thank you by sliding his hand up and down the low E string...
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    Do you ever get the are you still playing drums question?

    I'm at the grocery store and I hear a Danny..are you still playing drums?. I hardly recognized the person but I smiled and said yes. We didn't talk but I thought who remembers me and that I played just felt good that some aquaintence from long ago remembered me as playing in some...
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    Any particular recording reveal your cymbal sound?

    Mine hit me like a ton of bricks. It wasn't just..hey..i kinda like that cymbal sound. With me it was immediate and forever. Deep Purples Machine Head floored me for cymbal sound and the hihats? can't be serious..this sound doesn't actually exist. Don't just give me a recording you kinda...
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    Your broke down on the way.

    This is one of the more serious questions I've asked on the forum. When it comes to being road savvy your looking at a guy that doesn't know North from South. So your broke down 60 miles from your gig. Do any of you have a thought out plan?. Do you call highway patrol?..wrecker? you have...
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    Your last meal and drum.

    You face a firing squad at 3pm on said day. What do you want for your last meal and what drum do you want to play.
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    Bonzo envy

    I've gone through this now and then and it's real. There are times when his playing is so profound that I've felt my own playing doesn't measure up. One goal as a drummer was to have the effect he had on things and it's never happened. It's disappointed me greatly. I've had some doubt...
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    Your winning lottery ticket and its effect.

    Seriously now..think about it for a minute. How would it affect your drumming. You really want to set up in dive bars playing until 1:15? when you could be sipping maitais on some Hawaiian beach wondering what custom chopper you'd like made from Orange County choppers or what color you want on...
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    Your ultimate hihats.

    This post is to find out if anyone here has played any Sabian Signature Jack Dejohnette 14" hihats. Not the encore hats. I first noticed Larrie Londin using these in a studio clip. Bo Eder is after his 17s....ive listened endlessly to hihats from every manufacturer but keep being drawn back to...
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    Ya know?..what tunes?

    Have you always wanted to do but never have. I've always wanted to open with Harrison's What is life..especially outdoors then right into Ringos it don't come easy. One other one is Santanas everybody's everything. Never worked them up damn it 😠.
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    Your drummer of the day....

    So many times I'll be thinking about certain drummers that have impressed me in some way. It doesn't have to be technical virtuosity but then at times it can. I remember seeing the video of Edie Brickell with Matt Chamberlain on drums playing What I am and just digging the drum parts. Come to...
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    Your favorite drumshop.

    Is it still around?..mine is gone 😥. It was JD drumcenter in Omaha Nebraska. Shout out to John..Jason..and Jeremy. I really miss our talks and the good times. John and I would talk drums for hours. He's the only one that was as crazy about drums and drumming as I was..and still am. Thankfully...
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    Only (my) drumming weirdness?

    Maybe I've got a chemical imbalance but if I'm wearing sunglasses while performing outdoors it hinders concentration. If chewing gum or I have a toothpick my concentration is noticeably increased. Please tell me you have some form of oddness as well.
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    What drummer was responsible?

    For making you dig what color. Can be multiple drummers with different wraps or lacquer. My highschool friend was solely responsible for my blue sparkle addiction. Don Brewer had me totally digging red sparkle. Jeff Porcaro playing Ludwig stainless steel drums..had to have a set. Jim Fox of...
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    Your day job and weekend warrior gigs.

    Any of you less interested in playing weekends because you work Saturdays?. Is it a drain on you working Saturday then setting up and playing until 1 AM ?. Maybe it energizes you thinking ya..the boys and I are rocking tonight. If you work how does it negatively or positively affect you. Some of...