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  1. Trigger

    Dave Langguth

    This dude is criminally underrated. He used to drum for Nelly Furtado back in the day. I highly recommend watching this:
  2. Trigger

    Old man yells at cloud

    Is it just me or do these hihats sound terrible? I had paiste 101s when i started drumming and i swear they sounded better than these.
  3. Trigger

    New Yussef Dayes

    As a musician, drummer or human, this is a mandatory watch:
  4. Trigger

    Outdated instruments

    I saw someone post in another thread something along the lines of "outdated or not, I love my power toms" - Which I think is great. The passage of time and fads shouldn't influence how much you enjoy your instrument. However, it also got me thinking - Are other instruments affected by being "out...
  5. Trigger

    NFuzed audio?

    What happened to those mapex electronic drums that launched a few years back? It seems like they disappeared entirely?
  6. Trigger

    Has anyone ordered an SQ2?

    Hi there! I'm planning on getting an SQ2 in the future and I've been playing around on the kit builder. I'd like black hardware, but for a 3 piece it adds around 1000 euro, which is insane. Does anyone know if any dealers can do discounts on something like this? If I'm spending this much on a...
  7. Trigger

    got some new cymbals and new heads:

    Check it out edit - for some reason they arent showing up. Heres a link:
  8. Trigger

    Short solo (mapex saturn + k custom hybrids)

    Hey everyone. Heres a short video of me playing after being reunited with my drums for about a month after a bit of a break. Let me know what you think
  9. Trigger

    My new (used and restored) mapex saturn

    Hi all. After three months of waiting my drums finally arrived at my house in New Zealand today! Heres a little reminder of what I was dealing with: It had a bunch of stickers on it and the shells had a lot of crap on the wrap. Sticky residue and marks. Fast forward three months. I got it home...
  10. Trigger

    New Kit pics

    Hello all, a little while ago i changed my setup around, and got some G2s - Here are the results. Enjoy :) Thanks for looking :)
  11. Trigger

    My pro M - New Shots

    Hey all, i got some new portholes, so i thought it would be a good time to take updated kit pics, enjoy:)