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  1. MazdaRex

    you have any movies / tv shows that are like old friends?

    Wow. You must be an even more terrific teacher than I thought! Spinal Tap as required viewing? That is terrific!
  2. MazdaRex

    Brewery bucket drumming

    It's great to see RonCadillac drumming on buckets or anything! Not sure if you heard about his near-death experience? RonCadillac was at work and fell into a giant vat of alcohol. Three times the fire department fished him out and three times he dove back in and kept drinking! Only stopped...
  3. MazdaRex

    Grammar Nazis. Get In Here!

    I saw this elsewhere, but it was verified true by my non-native English-speaking Dutch girlfriend, who is a professional linguist. It's easy to remember if you just think of the summer camp song lyrics: Great green globs of greasy grimy gopher meat!
  4. MazdaRex

    Grammar Nazis. Get In Here!

    Wow. That made my brain hurt.
  5. MazdaRex

    Grammar Nazis. Get In Here!

    We prefer to be known as "Grammar Pedants," by the way. Harrumph.
  6. MazdaRex

    Drum solo to open the show ….

    Super fun!! I was dying to see what kind of music the band was playing after your intro!
  7. MazdaRex

    New Music Video from one of my bands

    Great timing to watch this as my girlfriend and I laze around the house with so-far mild Covid. Very good stuff - I'll echo everything roncadillac said! Would love to learn more about how the video was made, if you can share. Next video should have LOTS more drummer time, please!!
  8. MazdaRex

    Anton Fier (1956-2022)

    Are drummers here familiar with Anton Fier, founder of The Golden Palominos? He apparently died in September of this year: I'm very much a fan of "Blast of Silence" and a couple of their...
  9. MazdaRex

    Back in the saddle?

    Do it! it’s quite a compliment they invited you, so do it for them. It doesn’t commit you to a tour.
  10. MazdaRex

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I had to…

    My drum instructor sent this to me, probably because I photograph a lot of shows but am far from ready to play on stage!
  11. MazdaRex

    A real Halloween post

    First, it's terrific you had such a wonderful positive influence. Better that you're still in touch. Even better you can see him play and hang out with him! I think you have to play at least one song, just to honor him. But, yeah, better play really really well! Good luck and have fun. We...
  12. MazdaRex

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    Not really consciously inspired, but Sam the Eagle is very cool. Unfortunately, I never developed a good voice for my puppet (unauthorized muppet!), and therefore he never got a personality or a name. Kinda sad, really, but I love having him around on display instead of stored in the attic.
  13. MazdaRex

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    Glad you asked! I made the eagle in a totally excellent puppetry class way back in 1989! The instructor was Joe Zito, who had worked for Jim Henson and the Muppets. I've lost touch with Joe, but the eagle has kept an eye on things since! He's starting to get a little wear and tear - one of his...
  14. MazdaRex

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    Totally excited to have my Tama Imperial Star and new-to-me Zildjians all set up and assembled in the basement drum room! Even the preliminary soundproofing is done (furring strips and Mexican blankets). The cats like it fine, though my girlfriend says it's staggeringly loud, even with the door...
  15. MazdaRex

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    Check your messages!
  16. MazdaRex

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    Drumdame - I was referring to CB Photo's superb skills as a photographer! His images are fantastic - check out his website. With his skills, he'd create great images with any equipment, even an old Etch a Sketch. (I hear he's a pretty good drummer, too!)
  17. MazdaRex

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    It's certainly a lovely camera. But let's be realistic - you could have a used Etch A Sketch and make beautiful images!
  18. MazdaRex

    New-to-me cymbals! Hope I did well?

    Offer accepted!! That would be fantastic.
  19. MazdaRex

    I hate buying stuff for myself

    Oh, heck yeah. For me, a lot of it was fear/insecurity about my financial situation. I've been diligent and fortunate and actually _do_ have ample assets to live 90% of the life I want. I am getting much better about spending where I think there is good value, including picking up the check for...
  20. MazdaRex

    New-to-me cymbals! Hope I did well?

    Thanks, everyone! Comp tickets and backstage passes for everyone when my still-imaginary band and I sell out Red Rocks!