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  1. Klaid

    Calling Bosphorus/turkish cymbals experts

    Bought this exact Bosphorus 23" Pang Thang and like the sound a lot. Any suggestions on what turkish hi hat, ride and crashes that mix well with it? Any turkish brand will do suggestions and advice needed.
  2. Klaid

    top hi hat question...

    If I were to buy a Paiste 14 Sound Creation Dark Heavy bottom hat what top hat would be ideal for it? Thanks
  3. Klaid

    stack, splash attachments and mounts

    Hello All, I've purchased some splash and stack cymbals and need to have some idea on what to use for attachments and mounts what do you fellas use? thanks, UA
  4. Klaid

    Pork Pie Copper Patina

    hello all, took a leap of faith, shot in the dark whatever you call it and bought a pork pie copper patina snare 6.5x14 for a great discount. that being said I have no idea how it sounds, does anyone own it, played it? I just need some input sound wise (drum will arrive next week) thanks...
  5. Klaid

    Hoop question

    If I were to put new cast hoops on my brass drum which would be better brass or bronze? CF
  6. Klaid


    Always played Zildjian K and K Custom for 35 years and finally bought Paiste Masters dark and dry set at a discount ( 21 Dry ride, 17 and 19 dark crashes, 15 dark hats and 18 pstx )got home placed them on stands and these things sound beautiful feels great under stick wash body shimmer the works...
  7. Klaid

    Any one own or tried Varus Drums?

    Anybody own or heard or have tried Varus drums? I have to admit the finish on the drums look great but just curious how it sounds
  8. Klaid

    ghost notes

    been playing for some years and I admit I still can't execute proper ghost notes any advice or could someone point me to the right direction? like my attempt on the Toto song Rosanna, all over the place and uneven quite a mess. anything that helps like books and stuff is much appreciated...
  9. Klaid

    cymbal box sets

    Hello guys first time poster in cymbal section and in need of some advice, I can't seem to make up my mind and hope somebody with some experience could help out. I'm between the Zildjian Special Dry box set and the Paiste Dry/Dark box set, which and what to get. I've seen the videos on both and...
  10. Klaid

    hey guys

    Anyone from 2020202020202020202020
  11. Klaid

    Ludwig Copper Phonic

    Apologies if already posted,i used the search feature no results came. Anyways anybody anxious,anticipating,test drove(review) and put a "must have" on this baby yet?