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    Ludwig 14x5 black beauty or dw 14x5.5 NOB collectors?

    I've had the BB, BOB, DW, Sensitone and a few other nickel-over-brass drums in the same room with the same heads and tuned roughly the same. I thought the BB had the edge with the best tone of the lot.
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    Diplomats for resonant heads?

    I wouldn't call it a shortened resonance, but that's just me. I love Diplomats on bottoms!
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    Pork Pie Brass Patina 13x7 : Review

    Great video! And such a good dad :)
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    Hugh Padgham x Toontrack

    That's awesome!
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    Anyone recommend a decent drum throne brand?

    Pork Pie makes a good throne. Good luck!
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    Giant Beats?

    The 20" multi is one of my favorites. (y)
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    Ludwig Black Beauty

    Stock Ludwig wires for me. (y)
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    The 24" Paiste Masters Thin Ride demo minute!

    Sounds nice. (y)
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    20" vs 22" bass drum - Which is more versatile?

    Maybe it's just me but I've never really got on with 22" drums. I've owned plenty of 'em but usually gravitate to a 24-26" drum. If I'm going smaller than that, the 20" just feels better to me. Isn't that weird?
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    20" vs 22" bass drum - Which is more versatile?

    I'd happily take a 20" over a 22" any day of the week. 14" depth, of course. (y)
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    Evans hydraulics vs Remo pinstripes

    I haven't played hydraulics in years, but they're very different to a pinstripe. If you want the thud and short sustain, give a hydraulic a try. You might like it. I always thought the red ones sounded good, FWIW. Good luck!
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    Drum mics and mixer ?

    For rehearsing, I usually just mic up the kick. Anything else, I usually subscribe to the idea that 'less-is-more,' but if you're playing somewhere with an engineer on hand, let them worry about it. (y)
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    If you could just have one cymbal and hi-hats?

    Yup. I've lusted for one for many years but never pulled the trigger. I got close but found a set of Grand Master cymbals on closeout that were in the same ballpark so I took advantage of that deal instead. One of these days, though. ;)
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    If you could just have one cymbal and hi-hats?

    Aw, man. That's one of my favorite rides of all time. (y)
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    Hi Hats for versatility?

    I don't think you could go wrong with either, so why not get both? Maybe buy the ones you can get a better deal on now and pick up the others down the line? FWIW, I'm a Paiste guy, but I'll never part with my New Beats. And, more is better when it comes to cymbals, IMO. Good luck! (y)
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    Paiste 2002 Crash/Ride

    I think the 2002 22" crash actually blends in really nice with Giant Beats, FWIW. Played one with my 15" hats, 20" multi and 24" multi. Sounded much nicer than I'd have expected. Hope it works out for you. (y)
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    which drums are made in USA & Canada?

    Oops! Thanks, that's right. I must have been thinking of someone else. Carry on... (y)
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    which drums are made in USA & Canada?

    Just a few off the top of my head: Inde C&C Oriollo
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    Anyone attending NAMM 2022? Gear predictions?

    I think DrumEatDrum is right. It seems people who've gone in the past were allowed to register to attend for a fee. They probably saw a lot of memberships lapse due to covid and decided to cover the gap this way. I also spoke with a person who usually exhibits at NAMM and he told me he was...
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    Anyone attending NAMM 2022? Gear predictions?

    The funny thing is I know several people who don't have memberships that were allowed to register to attend. I heard it's a new policy they rolled out this year. Not sure how accurate this is, but I could see them opening it up to the public to make it more profitable. Maybe they're moving in...