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  1. MazdaRex

    Anton Fier (1956-2022)

    Are drummers here familiar with Anton Fier, founder of The Golden Palominos? He apparently died in September of this year: I'm very much a fan of "Blast of Silence" and a couple of their...
  2. MazdaRex

    New-to-me cymbals! Hope I did well?

    After several weeks of shopping, I got some cymbals to go with my Tama Imperial Star shell pack. MANY thanks to the people here and all the discussions I read on different cymbal tones, timbres, brilliance, and many other descriptors I am still learning! I'm near Denver, so ended up at the Lodo...
  3. MazdaRex

    Beginner seeks kick drum 16ths tips

    My lessons are going great and I'm learning tons. Working on a song with two sixteenths together on the kick drum at 100bpm, and I feel like my foot isn't fast enough. Obviously, drummers play one-foot sixteenths a whole lot faster, so what should I learn? It feels like both my foot isn't...
  4. MazdaRex

    Alternatives to Fitbit Charge4?

    I've had a Fitbit Charge4 for 2-3 years and it seems to have stopped syncing. If I have to replace it, what's better? Looking for info and suggestions, please. (US-based.) Mostly used for: Sleep tracking (Charge4 seemed consistent) Steps (Charge4 was awful - it counted hand waves, not steps...
  5. MazdaRex

    Pearl EX vs Tama Imperial Star - incomplete kits

    I'm a nine-month student drummer after thirty-years off and loving drumming, lessons, my teacher, and this forum. For set work, I play mostly 60s-70s-80s blues-based classic rock. (Aerosmith, J Geils Band, Kinks, Blondie, Van Halen, Led Zep if I can learn any of it, Bad Company, etc.) I have a...
  6. MazdaRex

    Practice options for travel and hotels?

    I'm a student drummer with some upcoming work travel, staying in hotels. Any suggestions for ways to practice without annoying everyone? I can get a 6" practice pad versus my current 12-inch. Put a towel over it? Other suggestions? Thanks!!
  7. MazdaRex

    Wood floor over carpet?

    We've got a new house! With a "drum room" in the finished basement - 7'8" x 10' (234 x 305cm). Drywall over insulation over concrete foundation on 2 1/2 sides and floor, a window, and a little alcove for the door. I'm excited to make it a "Pseudio," as BearBlastsBeats would say! Right now, I...
  8. MazdaRex

    Remastered music

    Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX made a very thought-provoking comment in another thread, as he often does. Specifically, he wrote: "...the remaster usually sounds no different, or worse than the original." This got me thinking. I've never really noticed much difference in a remastered album. My hope-driven...
  9. MazdaRex

    $2,000 free snare drum?

    So, there I was, sipping my beer and eating my fourth slice of pie at a Pie Party for Pi Day and a friend just gave me this snare drum he's had sitting around for a few years. Cool! I told my girlfriend, who said "That's great. And now you just need to buy the rest of the drum set for $2,000!"...
  10. MazdaRex

    Seeking Roland eDrum info/advice, please

    I'm a re-beginning drummer with five months of lessons, using a Yamaha DTX430, which is fine but fairly entry-level and perhaps outdated. Mostly learning classic rock-type music. This week, I picked up a Roland kit with extras. It has: TD-6V module Kit Frame Kit kick pad Kit hihat pedal Pearl...
  11. MazdaRex

    Bermuda Schwartz interview

    Our own Bermuda Schwartz was recently interviewed by The Hustle podcast: Bermuda does a great job sharing stories and talking about life and his experiences in the music industry. Check it out and be...
  12. MazdaRex

    Photographing performing drummers

    I'll be doing some photography of a Boston cover band this Friday night, and I'd love some input from the performers here. Drummers are typically difficult to photograph, especially in small venues. The drummer has cymbals, stands, mikes, and guitarists in front of him/her, plus the stages are...
  13. MazdaRex

    How to restart drumming correctly?

    I'd like to start playing drums again after ~29 years off. I've lost 99.999% of my skills. I want to play 'correctly,' but no visions of musical grandeur. A mediocre garage band of similar middle-aged guys playing classic rock and annoying the neighbors? Maybe a local community band/orchestra...
  14. MazdaRex


    There's incredible talent on this forum, a lot of teachers, and impressive professionals, too. I'm wondering if anyone produces or recommends any drumming podcasts? I'm looking for inspiration, general knowledge, cool stories and tall tales about life in music, motivation, technique and tips...
  15. MazdaRex

    Wonderful Rush - Neil Peart story

    I'm new here, thrilled to be amongst such great company, and easing my way in. Got lost in the internet today and found some wonderful stuff involving two of my favorite things - music and cars/machines. Thought y'all might enjoy this, too. Okay, you know the Rush song "Red Barchetta," right...
  16. MazdaRex

    Yahama DTX430 - no kick drum sound

    Greetings. Brand new here so thanks in advance for the help. Bought a used DTX430 off Craigslist as part of a hopeful return to drumming. Enjoyed it and it seemed to work fine for two hours of use. Then, the kick drum stopped making any sound. I swapped cables around and checked the volume...