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  1. Tamaefx

    Artstar II

    The 2000 catalog, Artstar with long lugs, die cast hoops and very deep toms and also strange pseudo standard size. 10x8, 12x8, 13x10, 14x10. ??? Gold logo on the bass drum And nice colours for the shells too. I’ve got a catalog from 2005, Artstar we’re still available.
  2. Tamaefx

    The Black Beauty on records

    Marillion Drummer Ian Mosley plays on a 14x6,5 Back Beauty. I think he does since more than 20 years. He got a new BB for the two last albums.
  3. Tamaefx

    Some drum porn

    Nice score! Silver sparkle is timeless and as a lefty, there will definitely be a Ian Paice vibe to it ! Funny to have a previous consolette plus a Tom mount, on a 26”.
  4. Tamaefx

    Drum sounds you never liked until now?

    Drum sound on Justice for all. Bloody hate the sound though I liked the songs. Many years later I finally got used to it and - not like it - but wouldn’t imagine a different sound. Kind of industrial dry thing to it.
  5. Tamaefx

    Post your Gig Pics

  6. Tamaefx

    Hidden Gem horror movies

    This remake was fine, …. And is starring Catherine Zeta Jones ;)…. But you definitely need to watch the original film from 1951. Much subtler and refined !
  7. Tamaefx

    Is Premier back?

    60´s Premier weren’t their apex I think. The Yamaha period was, I think, their best with Genista, Signia, XPK. And before, Resonator and Projector were great too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a 2000 snare reissue.
  8. Tamaefx

    Hidden Gem horror movies

    Huge horror movie fan, the ones that really scared the shit out of me were often Asian. The grudge (Ju On), the Ring, train to Busan, the strangers, I saw the devil, Shutters, and the hardest to find but scary AF: Gonjiam, a kind of Blair Witch ++++.
  9. Tamaefx

    Is Premier back?

    The Centenary models are astonishing - the Genista SE looks fantastic. The Elite with thin maple and reinforcing rings looks very promising.
  10. Tamaefx

    Is Premier back? At last they updated their site and their drum range ! Even though we guess nothing is gonna be built in Britain anymore. This brand I love seemed almost dead for a long time - this news I hope will witness a true revival of this drum company.
  11. Tamaefx

    For the nostalgia threads

    I keep buying CDs every now and then. Though my main listening station would be my car - devoid of CD player ! I prefer owning the object. My wife likes buying LPs, we’re old fashion in a way and never got into the deezer/prime/… way. My fellow musicians don’t get it, keeping telling me I should...
  12. Tamaefx


    Thanks for the discovery - I didn't know this song - should be fun to play.
  13. Tamaefx

    Bass drum “sweet spot”

    22x16 seems a sweet spot in term of sound AND practicality.
  14. Tamaefx

    About bass drum amp.

    Almost nothing, a small baby blanket. The fuller / boomier sound I got was - to my surprise- once with a Premier XPK, full front head plus a blanket.
  15. Tamaefx

    About bass drum amp.

    The idea is also to add spatial presence since the PA are at both corner of the scene. We record our shows with a zoom Q2n, the device gives a nice rendering but lows are short. We’re not bad at doing the balance between the instruments but bass drum and sometimes the voice always feel a bit...
  16. Tamaefx

    About bass drum amp.

    Thank you, I appreciate. I plug the mike directly I the mixing table, equalise without medium and treble and push up progressively the volume till I get enough oomph. Seems easy enough. 👍👍
  17. Tamaefx

    About bass drum amp.

    Thank you very much for your answers, I will give a try with a microphone I have. The best for getting more boom than attack is to sit the Mike in front not inside the bass drum isn’t it ? Anyone agreed with my idea of having a plain front head instead of a vented one on the bass drum head will...
  18. Tamaefx

    About bass drum amp.

    Hello, I have a little question about amplification. With my band, we get some outdoor gigs, where we bring our gear, amps, drums, lights and so forth. Generally we don't have a sound tech nor do we amplify the drums. On stage, since I hit relatively hard, we don't need to amplify the drums...
  19. Tamaefx

    Can you make a $100 drum set sound good?

    I tweaked a beat up Ludwig kit, a few years ago, a 90's Rocker. The guy knew it wasn't a good kit, and in bad shape, but he wanted to get it back on the road. We changed the two tom arms by Pearl ones, cleaned what we could, 3in 1 oil, swapped the heads for Aquarian, just the batter, except for...
  20. Tamaefx

    I knew it was gonna be a bad gig when...

    You know it’s gonna be tough when, your drum kit just half setup, you give a kick to try out, and the bartender says « ouh la la ! it’s too loud, can’t you tame it down ? »