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    Merry Christmas

    Wonder if this will get deleted too
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    Did Joe Morello ever play a buzz roll?

    If he’s ever played one on a recording, I haven’t heard it. And I’ve never seen him do it on video. Buddy used to say he himself had the best buzz roll in the business except for Gladstone, but Morello had unbelievable stick control and touch.
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    Meta Quest 2, anybody else enjoying theirs?

    I got mine a couple months ago, my kids play it more than me, but I have been enjoying the port of Resident Evil 4 .
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    Why did the birch Recording Custom bass drums not sound great?

    I’ve heard many times that those early bass drums were not good. Steve Gadd used a maple Custom kick with Recording Custom toms as an endorser back in the 80s. Many other people have remarked on the problem here. What caused it, I wonder? Andy, do you have thoughts?
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    I have to admit….

    That pad/pillow work is even more important then I thought. I thought you had to practice your rudiments around the kit a LOT to really improve your hands. But I think pad/pillow practice is way more important. Like 90% of your foundational practice should be on a pad/pillow/snare, IMHO. I...
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    This is the perfect ride cymbal for jazz Yes? No? I think it’s perfect for any low-volume gig, actually
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    Who else has an idiotic sense of humor?

    I still call people “Vern” and make fart jokes. No? Just me? 😂
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    You guys make me glad I chose drums…

    in 6th-grade band class
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    Jams, the shorts

    Did anybody else wear those back in the 80s? I had a couple pair I really liked
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    Really OK with the vapid pop tunes that get released? I mean, do they really love that music, or are they just interested in the money it will make? I’m talking about everybody from the songwriters to the CEOs
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    Vintage Slingerland Timpani, awesome?

    Does anybody else remember the old Slingy timps sounding way better than the other similar models from other manufacturers? Yes or no?
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    I see some live acts, and my thought is…

    …that they have never recorded themselves and listened to the recording.
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    Finally got my timpani playing on camera lol

    The best part is from about 3 minutes to about 8 minutes, and the last 5 minutes. The last piece is the Hallelujah Chorus. Yes, those are practice timpani, not my first choice, I was overruled. There wasn’t space in the van for real timpani plus all the other guys and equipment.
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    Minivan for drummers/parents?

    I’d like a van with removable 2nd and 3rd row seats, and AWD. Anybody got a van along those lines? Ideally with 2nd row bucket seats, but that’s not a huge deal.
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    Why are bass drums so deep?

    A deeper drum makes a longer note. We are constantly muffling our kick drums. Why is anybody making them deeper than 14”? The extra resonance of a deeper drum is just going to get muffled anyway.
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    What do bass players wish more drummers knew?

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    I was wrong about cast drums with thick heads

    So I had heard that a lot of metal drummers like to use cast shell drums with thick heads. I thought this was really dumb—why get a loud drum that’s heavy and hard to carry, then mute it? Well, I was wrong. The actual effect of putting a thicker, dry-sounding head on a cast snare is that your...
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    Has anyone played “Into the Woods”?

    I got a gig doing this for the musical theater program at a local college whose music department apparently has no percussion majors. Anything to watch out for? I’ve got about 3 weeks to learn the part
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    Looking for a small mixer

    My guitar player’s old powered mixer finally bit the dust. We need one with at least 4 inputs (1/4” or XLR), with a USB port and 1/8” mini for IEM. New or used is fine, any suggestions or ideas? I’m a noob at this side of things
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    Did Buddy play heel-up or heel-down?

    I’m pretty sure it was heel-down.