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  1. Bernhard

    Football Soccer World Cup

    England: impressive! Bellingham - Saka - Kane - Rushford!
  2. Bernhard

    New drummers (finally....) added to Drummerworld.

    Just added some drummers to Drummerworlds Gallery:
  3. Bernhard

    Drum Solo Compilation added : Swing and Jazz Greats.....

    Drum Solo Compilation added to Drummerworlds Youtube Channel:: Swing and Jazz Greats.....enjoy... Bernhard ""
  4. Bernhard

    War Criminal attacks Ukraine (This is NOT a unwished political discussion - but a cry for help)

    Drummerworld has more than 5'000 members in the Ukraine - all their lives are at risk. This friendly people are under deadly attack by a insane war criminal. The beautiful city of Kiew, which i know very well is unharmed at the moment, but will be completely destroyed tomorrow - what a...
  5. Bernhard

    Rick Dior joined the forum

    Rick Dior joined the forum - please take the chance to learn from his knowledge …… so cool Bernhard
  6. Bernhard

    Rick Dior: Just added to the Drummerworld Gallery

    Just added Rick Dior to the Drummerworld Gallery - he is Professor of Percussion at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and maintains an active private teaching studio. His videos are legendary - check out also his youtube channel - about big band reading, tuning - snare drum - latin...
  7. Bernhard

    Administrator: Uncle Larry: Larryace

    we are proud to announce that Larry accepted to join our Team and we are so glad to have him on board. So don't give him a hard time these first weeks - the big heavy hammer is still in the works.... Welcome welcome welcome Bernhard
  8. Bernhard

    Happy Holiday Season.....

    Hi Members and Friends I wish you all a happy holiday season and hope, that next year will be the year we finally beat this Corona Virus and Music goes live again. These are hard times for most of us. The only thing you can do is get vaccinated - but i'm sure all our members are....?! Anyway...
  9. Bernhard

    Dennis Chambers Video

    Just added a nice grooving Video with Bill Evans, Darryl Jones and Dean Brown to Drummerworld - 2016 - enjoy... Bernhard
  10. Bernhard

    New Addition: Jared Schonig

    Just added Jared Schonig to the Drummerworld Artist Gallery. A wonderful working drummer (Brodway) Check out also the videos....thanks a lot
  11. Bernhard

    Forum hacked

    Drummerworld hacked - the hacker asked for money and erased then both the drummerworld website and the forum - we took our measures - so everything back again - posts the last 2 days are lost. Sorry for inconvenience....Thankfully we have Markus Supergrobi on board and also a super team with...
  12. Bernhard

    Easter Greetings

  13. Bernhard

    Dark Theme for Drummerworld Forum is here!!

    Dark Theme is here - and I think it's beautiful. All was managed by our member Supergrobi - what a cool big help!! Where is it? Go all down the page and at the left push "Drummerworld Default" - a window opens at the top of the page - there you choose. Thanks for feedback - I love it and...
  14. Bernhard

    New on Drummerworld: Jeremy Stacey

    Just added Jeremy Stacey to Drummerworld - check out: (Sheryl Crow, Joe Cocker, King Crimson)
  15. Bernhard


    The new Facebook Group is NOT a competitor to Drummerworld Forum - but all our Admin are there also.... Here we have discussions about all drum the Facebook Group there are only cool videos to enjoy - they go down the list and dissappear very quick in the dust. If you can live with...
  16. Bernhard

    Holiday Season Greetings....

    Dear friends... This was a very bad and strange year for our community. Anyway, the forum grows and you members contributed like never before. We had no big problems with spam...the new software did a good job. I want to thanks the staff members Gruntersdad - Bermuda and Andy for their great...
  17. Bernhard

    David "Pick" Withers

    Finally added the fine drummer of Dire Straits to the Drummerworld List - check out:
  18. Bernhard

    NEW DRUMMERS...???

    There are so many drummers suggested to be included in Drummerworld Gallery. All are impressive. I'm not in a hurry to put up a new talent - that's why: These last weeks i started to look through all these 10 years old issues of Modern Drummer, Drum, Sticks and Percussion, Drumheads, DRUM! and...
  19. Bernhard

    LIVESTREAM: David "Pick" Withers (founding member DIRE STRAITS) Liverpool: Friday, January 22, 2021

    We support Live Music - Bernhard FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2021 AT 9 PM UTC+01 – 10 PM UTC+01 Pick Withers and his Band 'Slim Pickin's' - LIVE from Liverpool! Tickets · £10 PICK WITHERS, live...
  20. Bernhard

    New Drummerworld Group on Facebook...

    Hello Friends I have a Facebook Page melting private and drumming posts. After reaching the max. of 5000 friends i decided to open for Drummerworld a new Group. Would be cool of you to join and being one of the first members - thanks a lot. DRUMMERWORLD GROUP...