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    How do you count?

    I used to count and then I moved to Iowa. ;) (Disclaimer: that was not meant to be a political statement.)
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    Tour of the Gretsch drum building process

    To piggy back on what Symbolic Death wrote above - Keller is an amazing company. They have like six lines of business related to cylinder production, and they're the stars of their industry within each line. Even with drum shells, who makes better shells to spec at such competitive rates as...
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    New Orleans Style Drumming

    If you want to hear a definitive New Orleans Jazz (with a Second Line feel) recording - check out Wynton Marsalis' The Majesty of the Blues. Here is the track called: Oh, But On the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues). Outstanding representative NOLA drumming by the great Herlin Riley.
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    Disturbing the neighbors

    I rent a practice space to drum in but I like being able to play when I'm inspired without having to drive twenty minutes to get there. The problem "used" to be I live in a brick rowhouse and if I played loudly -- my neighbors would definitely hear it. Well, a funny thing happened three months...
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    Returning to drumming - weak right ankle!

    Between hockey and soccer (and being a drunk idiot at other times) - I have fractured and sprained my ankles so many times over the course of my life that I've literally lost track of how many times its been. That said, I'm no spring chicken anymore either so sometimes I wonder to myself are my...
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    New Kit suggestions?

    Hey Folks: I’m in the market for a versatile drum shell pack that sounds especially good in the near-field, is well-built, and costs around $3,000 (USD). I will be using the drums mostly for hobbyist/recreational purposes at home. I live in Northern Virginia so you would think that there...
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    Cymbal Question

    Hey all: I have this (big) cymbal that I absolutely love! It sounds amazing to me, and in fact, other people have given me unsolicited compliments on it, which I think is nice. It also goes well with my kit in terms of sound. Speaking of which, to give you an idea of its sound profile: the...
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    New Member seeking advice Brooklyn or New Classic

    Hello everyone: I've been a reader for a little while but have yet to post. Love it here. Don't know why I hadn't pais more attention earlier (maybe five year old has something to do with it). Anyway, I've always been a fan of Gretsch drums. In fact, I used to play a red sparkle four...