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    anyone looking for vintage Sonor teardrop?
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    wireless e-drums!

    haha, probably a dead issue but when will they make e-drums with less damn wires?!
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    reasons you got fired

    So I know it might not be the most unembarrasing topic, but I'm curious why drummers have gotten fired from projects, because I just have! The reason why I got fired was we didn't fit musically, however my guitarist complained consistently of how his girlfriend's keyboard parts didn't work with...
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    why do people think drummers are flaky?

    I keep hearing drummer jokes and that drummers come and go and are the biggest flakes of the band. Can someone explain why drummers get a bad rep? haha
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    need tips for practicing with bands

    I practice with my band twice a week and then once a week on my own to work out any sections that I feel weak on. I'm not the greatest drummer and am at intermediate level or so I would say, and feel that a good drummer wouldn't need to spend one night soloing to practice sections, that they...
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    metronome or metronome/tuner?

    i have a Boss DB30 Dr. Beat metronome and the beep is piercing to my ears so i'm looking for a different one. any suggestions on models that are less piercing and for that matter, are metronome/tuner combos good (i play guitar as well) or is it better to get 2 separate units? good models?
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    temperature for drumkit?

    I have an Oak Custom kit and am considering moving from a regular room temperature practice space to a friend's bedroom in a house. The issue is that bedroom is cold, about 19 or 20degrees Celcius. When we jam, we turn on a space heater and it gets up to 23degrees, but mostly it's chilly in...
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    what happens when you feel you've lost stamina to druM?

    so lately i've been feeling like i can't drum in rock bands much longer, i'm losing my stamina even though i exercise regularly and am in great shape for my age. i'm beginning to like playing more mellow rock tunes, and have been considering both a different genre like soul, r n' b (though i...
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    where to get a small, simple & good stick bag??

    i'm just looking for a small (holds up to 12prs of sticks), simple, not too cheaply made stick bag but can't find anything that doesn't have Vic Firth logos on the entire face or other brand, or a nicer one (fake leather or something a bit nicer than nylon or cordura but doesn't cost $80). i...
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    Pearl free floating maple or brass deal? good deal? good drum??
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    evans hydraulics?

    anyone use these? wondering about using them on my Oak Customs for warmth but perhaps they're too much and kill all sustain?
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    musician's earplugs?

    i've heard these are great, but also close to $300. any feedback on having them? worth it? other options? the $20 Hearos suck as much as the foam ones.
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    vintage Sonor 14x14 tom to floor tom conversion?

    i've got this 14x14 tom that has a rack tom mount but 3 sets of 2 holes drilled for tom legs. anyone know where to get the hardware to make this into a floor tom? i've looked on eBay and there is some hardware that i'm getting more specs on, asked ST Drums but no luck.... thanks.
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    what makes Aquarian heads special?

    i've never seen this up close or heard them... how are these heads different from Remo and Evans?
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    is there a fat 7A stick?

    i love the length of 7As but they're just a little too light. if i could find a 7A length but with a 5A weight, it'd be great. i've tried the Steve Gadd's, but the too is too heavy. other than that, they seem to break in the middle really easily. suggestions?
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    Do you prefer wood or steel snares?

    i've only used a Birdseye Black Panther, 14x5.5 and am curious about steel snares (ie. Chad Smith). why do you prefer either wood or steel snares? i know that basically wood ones can be warmer, but what else? steel is brighter?
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    installing snare wires: what a pain!

    i've attempted to put new wires on my snare and i just can't get the damn things tight enough. i guess it's a 2 person job as i don't have 3 hands to hold both sides plus tie the strings on. they're on evenly (not veering towards one side or the other) at least, haha. is this really the way...
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    value of this snare?

    i believe this is a 70s snare, but someone threw a Ludwig throwoff on it 14x5 as you can see, there's a bit of pitting on the shell... any idea on value? thanks>
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    old Premier stand value?

    i think this is a tom stand, it works rough and is wobbly. is there any value more than $15 for this??
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    dry snares?

    i love dry snares with lots of articulation. which ones would you suggest? should i be looking for a snare with more plies vs. less for this sound?