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    New Kit suggestions?

    Hey Folks: I’m in the market for a versatile drum shell pack that sounds especially good in the near-field, is well-built, and costs around $3,000 (USD). I will be using the drums mostly for hobbyist/recreational purposes at home. I live in Northern Virginia so you would think that there...
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    Cymbal Question

    Hey all: I have this (big) cymbal that I absolutely love! It sounds amazing to me, and in fact, other people have given me unsolicited compliments on it, which I think is nice. It also goes well with my kit in terms of sound. Speaking of which, to give you an idea of its sound profile: the...
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    New Member seeking advice Brooklyn or New Classic

    Hello everyone: I've been a reader for a little while but have yet to post. Love it here. Don't know why I hadn't pais more attention earlier (maybe five year old has something to do with it). Anyway, I've always been a fan of Gretsch drums. In fact, I used to play a red sparkle four...