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    Kit piics!

    Moral of the story: cheap(-ish) drums can look cool too! 😏 (Atleast imho it looks cool, waiting for your opinions) Also it's such a powerful feeling to sit down behind a decent kit in a big room like this and just go for it...
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    Best/strongest quick set cymbal nut?

    What are the strongest quick set cymbal nuts? I have a stack that I have to put together/take apart between songs, because I use the cymbals separately as well. But the Tama quick set cymbal mate thingie that I have is just not strong enough to keep the stack tight, so I have to use a normal...
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    Screws for snare throw-off

    Hey everyone! I broke one of the screws that keep the plastic strip holding the snare wires in place. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement?
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    A guide to drum books

    Hey everyone! I'm about to start working my way through a drum book, haven't decided which one I should get though. This is my basically my first time working with a book (though i tried practicing Stick Control but I gave up after about a week because I'm just bad at staying motivated and I got...
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    Need help with choosing/finding a stick

    Hey everyone! So I'm having trouble finding a stick with the specs I want, so I thought I'd ask here. I need sth slightly thicker and longer than a 5B, with a tip that's not too large. And the main thing is that the taper should be medium or slightly longer. I've played "5B long" or "5BX" etc...
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    2 toms and 3 cymbals on one stand. Is this safe?

    What do you think? Is this gonna last? Is it strong enough? Should I change it?
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    Where to find used gear in Europe?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask what are some good online stores (other than Reverb - I'm sure it's not the only one) where I can find used drums (and other gear) in Europe, more specifically Eastern Europe (I live in Romania)? Because the ones that usually get mentioned on the internet...
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    Baard Kolstad

    I've just recently noticed that there's no thread about this guy. He's the drummer for Norwegian prog rock/metal band Leprous and some other projects. And I think he's amaaazing. One of my absolute favorite drummers. He has such a unique sound and feel and he's really creative with his parts...
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    Differences between symphonic and "normal" drums?

    I was wondering what the difference was between two headed concert toms/symphonic toms and normal, "drum set-toms". Also, are there any differences between concert snares and drum set snares other than the different wires? For example in terms of construction?
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    Good cymbal bag under 100$

    Please recommend something well-made, that is available here in the EU! I need it to be able to hold 4-5 cymbals plus hihats. Thanks in advance!
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    FINALLY! All my drums arrived and everything's set up..!

    Jeez, what a great feeling... And here are some pics! Because I promised. And sorry, the room isn't ours, the eggcrates were there already when we moved in, and the floor's all messed up and the boxes are still there - pretty ugly. So, yeah, not entirely our fault. But anyway, here are the...
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    Problems with my floor tom

    Hey people! My Yamaha stage customs finally arrived on monday... I set them up and I tried to tune them, but the 16" floor tom didn't tune up easily, the bottom head was flawed and I noticed that the shell isn't round. Is it me or should I send it back?
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    Aq2 hoop sizes?

    Hey! Does anybody know what the hoop sizes are on the Sonor Aq2s? Also, should I take into consideration hoop sizes when buying drums?
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    Mapex armory? Or... what else?

    Hi! First post... Buying my first set of "real" drums after 8 years of playing mostly on electric kits. And I really like the Mapex Armorys, but I really don't know anybody who could help me buy a kit. So... I came here for advice, suggestions, anything. I need 1 to 3 rack toms, (that doesn't...