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    Barello Custom Drums

    Hi! Just wanted to share with you a little Slovenian drum company that makes handcrafted drums. Here are a few videos that we shoot at my home studio. Hope you like it :) VIDEO l VIDEO ll VIDEO lll Cheers, Enos
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    Enos Kugler, my new studio

    Hello everyone! I have been a member of the forum for quite some time now...haven't posted much, but am a frequent reader. However I wanted to share with you some clips from my (relatively:)) new studio. I do sessions for all kinds of people and this is what I've recorded in between sessions...
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    Prototype Barello Drums

    My new prototype drum set designed by me and my good fried Asim Durmič at Barello drums. All the parts of the shell are made of mahogany except for screws of course :) and nothing goes through the shell itself. So what you get is a very clean, full and warm sound of the wood. This is a...
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    Vintage Gretsch round badge

    Hi! A guy from my country is allegedly selling a 4 piece round badge kit from the 60'. There's just one thing...the size of the snare drum is 13" and the size of the floor tom is 15". Now, I am not an expert on vintage round badges but as far as I know Gretsch never made snares and floor toms...
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    Istanbul mehmet nostalgia hi-hat

    Hello everyone! I wanna know if any of you has some experiences with Istanbul mehmet nostalgia hi-hats (the newer version with no logos on it)? I'm looking for that old K hi-hat sound and I can get a good deal on this you think it's worth trying it out? Usually I'd just go and...
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    On-stage Metronome

    Hi! What metronome would you recommend for on-stage use? thanx!