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    Home made minimalist kit with cajon kick (finally)

    So if anyone has noticed I have posted all kinds of questions about small kicks, cymbals and setups over the years and it all has led me to this little thing. I am in my 40's and really just an intermediate drummer who occasionally plays with friends who are usually playing acoustic guitar...
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    Small crash cymbal to use with cajon set up- thinking splash

    Anyone recommend a cymbal with a high pitched crash sound that is maybe 12" or smaller? Most splashes have a slightly lower pitched tone than my 16" A crash (obviously) but that is the sound I am looking to copy with a smaller cymbal. I will probably be playing with my hands or blasticks or...
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    Djembe bass drum videos? Anyone post a link?

    I've seen some cool pictures and heard some discussion about this but I don't own one and would like to hear what it sounds like and how it can be played. Can anyone post a video of this in action?
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    Small kick ideas/tricks? Considering a cajon or smaller kick

    What I'm really looking for is a way to play my bass drum with a pedal amongst acoustic guitar's so volume is not as important as a decent/low bass drum sound. I have experimented with 14/16 "kicks and I have not found a way to tune one to make the sound that's in my head. Too much attack and...
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    Smaller thinner kicks with good sound- ideas?

    I am looking to come up with an alternative to my 20" kick for portability and just to play with acoustic guitarist (s). Just play snare and kick with hats with these guys so not looking to be particularly loud either. I really want a deep thud though and have been struggling to find a good...
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    Aerosmith sweet emotion drumless

    Just read old threads for about half an hour and cant find the old links I used to know for good drumless stuff. Realize this has been heavily covered but I am looking for the actual song not a recreation if anyone knows where I can find it. Happy to pay to download. Sweet Emotion (Cryin...
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    Where can I download Aerosmith drum sheet music/transcriptions

    Will pay just would like to find one place that might have sheet music for the following songs. Will buy a book too but there are a lot of songs here... Lil help? My son is going to take lessons again individually but also in a group and these kids are going to learn these songs. Should be...
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    Studio build help/info

    I am a building contractor and wanna be drummer and a friend of mine may be looking to build a new studio on his property. Separate building dedicated to full band recording/jamming/practice etc. so its a blank slate (!!!) and I may end up as the designer. Band will be rock/country and is...
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    Wood snares---woddy sound. Help

    So I have a couple older luddy snares 14x5/6 1/2" LM402's that I absolutely love. Teacher had them and I learned on them and cant quite get past the sound. But, I play with some country guys and the snares are little too cutting and not woody enough when playing rim clicks. I think I want a...
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    Tore my kick foot achilles tendon- Help?!

    Been a while since posted here and I have to say its very nice to see so many of the same names still here. What a great family. So, how about some help for an old friend? Tore my achilles tendon right through playing tennis yesterday and I am going to set my kit up and learn to play Lefty...
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    Beginner book on music theory- recommend one

    So after reading all the talk in the theory thread in technique section, I decided to post this because I know that my lack of understanding of theory is limiting me and my understanding of what my jam mates are talking about now and then. So I am asking because I am sure there are others for...
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    Tower of power song- incredible performance

    Recorded at the Fillmore in '11 I think- Garibaldi just holds it down (probably win a Guinness Book award for most ghost notes played in a song) but the start is the sax player (RIch Allen I think). They work into a groove that is really incredible and the sax playing and coordination between...
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    Who played out this weekend?

    Just remembered this for some reason. Anyone else remember the "who played out this weekend?" threads someone always used to start? Miss those but I dont play out so I cant drive that bus. Someone please take over. There were always great stories and pics posted.
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    My craigslist score

    Today I bought 2 Humes and Berg Enduro Cases for hardware, 2 pearl snare stands and a DW5000 hi hat stand (adjustable 2 legger that can be leaned towards you) for $100. The cases are these: and...
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    Thinking about building a kit- home made shells

    I made a poplar snare out of scraps and used the lugs and hoops from an old snare and it came out pretty good. Improved with advice from the good people here. So, I am thinking about making an entire kit. I know I could do it and it I have a shop full of tools (I am a building contractor) in...
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    Used Renown kit- is this a deal? Think I am going to buy them tomorrow Talked him down to $1500 which is all I can afford. He says they are in like new condition which is somewhat questionable given the way they look in the pics but there is quite a bit there. Kit is 10, 12 , 14, 20 and an ugly as hell pork...
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    Where are you? (when you log in)

    For me, its usually after work when the kids are finally in bed and the TV is on. Usually sitting next to my wife so she can be annoyed with the drumming videos etc.. haha. Always the go to at the doctors office when waiting or in the air port via my smart phone but usually just to read this...
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    Craigslist ad for Pearl kit- way off base?

    What do you think? Seems like about double the retail value when new... not thinking about buying but curious about pearl values. Anyone?
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    Are we too hard on people around here?

    Just asking because, of all the forums I have ever joined, this place is the most "serious" occasionally about the oddest things IMO. Like newbie (I am still one but dont post most of what I want to...) posts about this and that or nothing to us slightly more experienced drummers. Or new...
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    Gretsch options - Gretsch experts - little help?

    Another which kit thread but just Gretsch. Look at a kit like this ( ) which is so nice and offers all the toms you could want in a...