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  1. Superman

    Roller case for Pedals/Snare

    Hi Nick, if SKB doesn't make what you are looking for, then you might have to get creative. I'd put my snare in a SKB hard snare case, wrap my pedals in foam padding, and then just use one of these to put all of it inside of: Hard suitcase.
  2. Superman

    This forum is upside down

    I am absolutely appalled that the moderators think it is their job to block healthy debate and close down discussions without explanation or justification. I am also appalled that this has turned into a good old boys club. Certain people on here get treated differently than others and it's BS...
  3. Superman

    When do you decide to sell gear?

    Sell gear? What does that mean? lol
  4. Superman

    Think About It: With $44B, Elon Musk...

    Why can't adults have a discussion? I haven't seen any name calling, just a difference of opinion. This is exactly what people calling for more speech want, OPEN DIALOGUE. I don't agree with anything Darth Vader said in this thread, but I like him, and I support his right to say it. And Bo...
  5. Superman

    Think About It: With $44B, Elon Musk...

    Well, I don't have time to educate you. You should take care of that on your own....and yes, you need it. Good luck.
  6. Superman

    Think About It: With $44B, Elon Musk...

    Trying to ensure that free speech remains the fabric of western society is "pointless"? Wow.
  7. Superman

    The AQ2: Did Sonor Screw Up?

    Can we have a thread where someone doesn't bring up Stage Customs? Might as well bring on Gammon and Groove Percussion while we are at it.
  8. Superman

    Sabian aa 17 rock crash any opinions?

    I've used some of their AA rock cymbals.. I prefer AAX and I prefer medium thin...but that's just my preference.
  9. Superman

    What is Your Favorite Snare that You use Most often?

    Beautiful drum. Much better than the one you were considering online. Congrats!
  10. Superman

    What is Your Favorite Snare that You use Most often?

    Mapex Sledgehammer 6.5x14
  11. Superman

    Hey! More Yamaha Stage Custom porn!

    "Porn" is supposed to something enticing, not something hideous.
  12. Superman

    Ordered a new kit today

    WOW! Gorgeous kit!! I have two Vs and love them.
  13. Superman

    Tom tree or VBD?

    I prefer mounted toms on the bass. I've tried both and mounting them on cymbal stands is something that I just can't get used to. I tried to force myself to like it, but eventually was forced to admit that I didn't.
  14. Superman

    Is this bad form or not? (Gig etiquette)

    I wouldn't have advertised another venue by name. I'd have just said, we will be playing again locally on whatever date, go to our website for details. Thus you are advertising yourself, not the other venue. Naming another venue is disrespectful to the current place's owner.
  15. Superman

    New Drum Day- Mapex Armory!

    Love the blue sparkle. Beautiful kit. Congrats. Can't go wrong with Mapex.
  16. Superman

    Mapex Armory- Rainforest Burst VS. Night Sky Burst

    +1 on this. I don't know who your Mapex dealer is, but I recently hooked up with Kyle from Music Madness in Texas and he has been great with Mapex products. Very friendly and good prices.
  17. Superman


    I have both a 22" Ping and a 21" AAX Dry. The ping is extremely washy and the dry ride isn't. I agree with Larry, go for the dry ride if that's the sound you are after. They are reasonably priced too. I got mine used for around $100.
  18. Superman

    Drum Center at Portsmouth Mapex Saturn Showdown video

    You can easily add one. I have tom mounts for my Saturn Vs.
  19. Superman

    Team Will Smith or Chris Rock

    I couldn't care less what any of these Hollywood snobs do.
  20. Superman

    Drum Center at Portsmouth Mapex Saturn Showdown video

    I too liked the Evolution better on the head to head match ups. Felt warmer and a bit more full. But I didn't think it was worth the price jump. Mostly they sounded similar.