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  1. Superman

    This forum is upside down

    I am absolutely appalled that the moderators think it is their job to block healthy debate and close down discussions without explanation or justification. I am also appalled that this has turned into a good old boys club. Certain people on here get treated differently than others and it's BS...
  2. Superman

    Drum Center at Portsmouth Mapex Saturn Showdown video

    I'm a Saturn player (I have 3 Saturn kits at the moment). I think the V and the Evolution sound so similar that I wouldn't spend the extra cash, but that's just my opinion. Very good video as always. These guys do a great job.
  3. Superman

    New drums while recovering

    So as some of you who know me offline might know, I had major back surgery in Dec and haven’t hit a drum since. But that has not deterred me from buying! Picked up this barely used Hendrix players stave snare for a great price. Also I got lucky and picked up another Saturn V exotic kit. Guy...
  4. Superman

    Squared floor tom sizes

    Someone on Facebook today was saying how squared drums (14x14 for instance) weren't as easy to tune to a likeable sound as a 14x12. Anyone else have an opinion on this? I have both sizes but never really thought about it before. After reading it I realized I do like my 16x14 better than my...
  5. Superman

    Please explain the allure of MIJ kits to me

    No this isn't a joke. I recently went to a drummer's house and he had 4 MIJ kits and told me he was looking for more. They all had names I had never heard of (like Del Ray), they had cheap hardware and frankly they sounded like...well let's say subpar in my opinion. I spoke to another drummer...
  6. Superman

    How many kits do you own?

    I know a guy who just got his 24th drum set. He has an entire garage with them stacked up almost on display. I think most of them basically collect dust. So, I'm wondering how many kits you own and if you use all of them?? I have 3: Mapex Saturn V Exotic, 22' 10, 12, 16 that is currently...
  7. Superman

    Mapex Saturn V exotic arrived!!!

    So it’s been forever since I bought a brand new kit. I sold 3 of my other kits and now have a set of Saturn III and my new Saturn V exotic. I almost bought a set of DW design but I changed my mind and went with these instead. I always wanted an exotic finish and these are absolutely beautiful...
  8. Superman

    Walnut vs Bubinga

    So I've decided to get a custom stave 6.5x14 snare made made for me. Spoke to the company, picking out all the fine details, but I cannot decide if I want Walnut or Bubinga. I'd like something dark and different from my maple snares. The price is similar. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Superman

    Hendrix snare experiences?

    I'm looking at stave Hendrix snare 6.5x14 Bubinga or Walnut. Waiting to hear back on them getting one in stock. I'm leaning towards the bubinga but I like both woods. Anyone have any experience with Hendrix? Any thoughts on choosing bubinga or walnut? Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Superman

    Does buying pre owned bother you?

    I have pre owned gear and it never bothered me. But another drummer I know told me he'd never buy something used and he wants to be the only person to even hit a drum of cymbal. I thought this was ridiculous but he told me people damage stuff and trade it in so suckers like me buy it. I have...
  11. Superman

    PDP Snare Drums

    Anyone here have any experience with PDP Snare drums? I saw a 6.5 maple/walnut snare drums that sounds great in videos. I was thinking about getting it but just wasn't sure if PDP puts out quality or if it is something to avoid. I understand I'm not getting a DW Collectors drum, I just don't...
  12. Superman

    Metal or Wood?

    I probably own 20 snare drums and only use 1 or Today I took off a maple Premier Elite snare and put on an old Pearl Jupiter COB I haven't hit in at least 10 years. I always thought I preferred wood but I have to say, I felt this had better response. Just wondering what most of you...
  13. Superman

    Picked up a Mapex V series Jazz Kit...

    So my dad called me from the flea market on the weekend and told me that someone was selling a used 5 piece Mapex V series Jazz kit (18 bass, 8, 10, 12 toms and a 12" snare). Came with a foot pedal and a snare stand. Got it for $110. Couple scratches but overall very nice condition. I know its...
  14. Superman

    used DW kit & ZBT cymbals for 30K ?!?

    Came across this ad on Craigslist today; guy wants 30K for a used DW kit, gold Gibraltar hardware and Zildjian ZBT cymbals. They were supposedly made for a famous drummer..but that info is a secret.
  15. Superman

    New kit tom tree dilemma

    So I have a couple of my mid level kits for sale and I've decided that I really want to own a top line maple kit. I've always kinda wanted a DW Collectors kit but recently I saw a great price on a Ludwig Classic maple kit. In my opinion the two kits are on par. The problem is, I definitely want...
  16. Superman

    Name something you rescued and brought back to life

    Al Parrot inspired me to create this thread when he mentioned that he rescued his Ludwig kit from a dumpster. Around 2002 or 2003 I grabbed a beat up old 5.5x14 Pearl chrome snare drum off EBay for $25. It had 1 dark photo and no description except that it was a Pearl snare. I really have no...
  17. Superman

    Burned again buying a used cymbal from GC

    So about a month ago I bought a used cymbal from GC and it was a total dud; consensus here is that it must have been put in an oven. Yesterday another crash arrived and it was very badly warped all around the edges. I put in on a flat surface and almost no part of it was flush against it. I...
  18. Superman

    Picked up some 60's Ludwigs

    So I got lucky (I think). Picked up a 4 piece set of Ludwigs off CL today. Seems from my research that they are 1960 Downbeats. The guy included 2 Sonor cymbal stands, ludwig HH stand, a pearl snare stand, pearl pedal, tama throne, a 20" ZBT ride and a set of Meinl Raker hi hats. All for $150...
  19. Superman

    Cymbal thump

    So I ordered a used 17" vintage A Zildjian crash off GC's site which arrived yesterday. I threw it on a stand and hit it and heard "thump". It literally didn't sound like a cymbal, there was no crash or ring to it. I inspected it and there was no damage to it at all. It made no sense. I brought...
  20. Superman

    Should I sell my Pearl Reference snare?

    So a few years ago I bought the hype and wanted a Pearl Reference snare drum. I got a great deal on a used one in mint condition. I got home, changed the heads, put on Puresound snares and gave it a whack...and it sucked. For 2 years I have been trying to convince myself to like this snare drum...