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    What is your greatest drum related success?

    Forget modesty! Its a new year and time to spread good feelings and wonder. What is your greatest drum related success? No fair comparing your success to anyone else's inside your head...all are unique and without comparison! Not sure if this is on-topic or i put it here....mods...
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    Andy is an Admin! Nice!

    Hi Folks, Searched around but my search skills must be poor. I've been a bit busy, making a 'living' in the health care IT industry so I have not been around...and i saw Andy with an ADMINISTRATOR Tag! Love it! Thank you for doing that Andy...may your Ban Hammer remain in its holster as your...
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    Problem In The Industry

    I went to Yahoo this morning and saw the only mention of the billboard music awards that aired last night was "What Everyone Wore To The 2017 Billboard Awards". I tried to watch the whole thing but the music was awful...and the show was more about style and music presentation than about the...
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    Interesting Study on Timing Variations

    Old article from 2012...but one I had not I thought I'd share. “You can have these trends,” said Hennig. “For example, the drummer plays ahead of the beat for 30 consecutive beats, while half a...
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    Raw Bell Crashes- Anyone using them? Opinions?

    Title says it all... Sorry..cant edit the subject to fix the typo.
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    Developing Timing

    A great set of exercises from Victor Wooten that can easily be applied to drumming... I love how Victor isn't ashamed to show he isn't perfect...prob the most important thing to take from this...can't fail, can't learn.
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    Peter Erskine: The Role of Rhythm in Popular Music

    A great example of what the space between notes means from a master rhythmatist.. Brilliant and simply put....thought I'd share...hope its not already floating around...didnt see it...
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    Examples of Describing Silence

    Hoping to get folks ideas and references re: Drum Parts that describe silence well. Abstract...difficult to get at...why I brought it here. My best example... Porcupine Tree Half Light I kindly suggest 4:12 as a great example of a drum part...
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    Changing Thought -composition in action

    Hey folks, Drumming 40+ years now. An idea I would be deeply appreciative of thoughts.... I see a song by Porcupine Tree called Stop Swimming. at the point between 6:16 and 6:17(assuming the version you work from is congruent with mine...) ...I...
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    How to get better...

    I read threads started by drummers looking for ways to improve and wrack my brain to express the ways to learn to learn. I came up with one. View this... ...and try to express to yourself why it is so much better than this...