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  1. J

    Endurance for single-stroke rolls

    So I'm doing endurance runs with a pad, trying to learn better rebound utilization as I increase the bpm on the click. I use a tabata app (it's for exercising as far as I know) and do 4 minutes at a time, 5 minutes breaks in between. The tabata app can be set to whatever amount of work time, but...
  2. J

    Got my practice pad

    And I found out how poor my hand technique really is. I started doing 60 bpm warm ups with doubles, single strokes, single stroke rolls and 16th note doubles with a 8th note finish. How long will it take to develop some confidence with pad drills and translate it to the kit?
  3. J

    I started recording myself

    What an eye opener. Things I thought I could play, I can't. And stuff I think sounds bad, is at least okay. I did start recording due to wanting to show people what I do, but I'm committed now to record at least something every session. Such a great tool to improve.
  4. J

    Fading glamour of musicianship

    Been getting pretty serious about my practice, and the glamour is fading from drumming. The "I'm so cool" after learning a new song turned into "I could do this better if I really put my soul into it". I also discovered that this will never end, I will never reach the goal and that mastery is a...
  5. J

    Finger exercise, with a metronome?

    I'm doing the exercise where you flip the stick and hit your forearms with the stick using your fingers. Would it benefit me to use a click with this exercise and attempt to get faster at it?
  6. J

    Weird "drumming mojo" -issue

    Badly slept night, I sit down at the kit and feel like I'm sitting there for the first time ever. Sticks feel like they don't want to move, my feet are clumsy and everything I try goes off the click and soon I give up in disappointment. I don't have mojo that day.
  7. J

    Finally added weight training to my routine

    Been having low energy before practice/life so I went to the gym today and blasted heavy weight bent-over rows. Tomorrow is a push workout. I need the exra energy weight training gives for drum practice. Years ago when I had a punching bag I got myself into insane shape and everything felt...
  8. J

    Technique priority

    I'm working on my left hand wrist currently. It needs to be more mobile so I can match the stick heights while doing fills and blast beats. I stretch before practice and work on bouncing the stick while doing a stone killer/blast beat endurance practice (Adding two bpm per session on blast...
  9. J

    Back at it (working on blast beats plus double kick)

    Hail forum. I've been restarting my practice, playing relaxed, staying loose, and keeping on the click. My max speeds are at 150 bpm or so, for both double kick and blast beats. I have no idea how I could muscle out faster speeds earlier, but it happened a year or two back. Currently working...
  10. J

    Push pull and weak finger control.

    Ok. I have weak fingers and finger control. I've mostly played with wrists and my grip has loosened over the years (so I haven't gotten injured) and I learned to use some fingers in my playing but I'm very far off the idealistic image of me playing blast beats with my fingers at up to 260-270...
  11. J

    Practice 2 hours a day?

    I'm back at this after months. Is it reasonable to expect two hours of practice of myself? An hour feels easy, and leaves me feeling eager to practice some more. I used to feel wiped out after 30 minutes, but that was with poorer health than I now have. I used to smoke a lot, but now I've quit...
  12. J

    Had to start over...

    My stomping double bass technique messed up my progress for years. I only recently started doing heel down again, going for 10 minutes at 60bpm 32nds, to build the muscles and endurance in my ankles. Now I can only do 70bpm 32nds with heel-up, one bar at a time. I tried 75bpm today and I start...
  13. J

    Mental Rehearsal

    I've been using visualization as a motivator prior to my practice time. I don't have a method or anything, I just see myself nailing a part and successfully playing a song. How many of you use visualization, and do you think it works?
  14. J

    Finding your own drumming style

    I just started thinking about this, how I want to emulate certain bands and play cover songs. They've had their own creative process in the music, so that cannot be emulated, but getting into the feeling of the music while playing cover songs is still possible. I'm getting at something...
  15. J

    Working on double bass

    What do you guys think of the lessons in this video? I've been implementing the 30 minutes a day advice. I put on 150-160 bpm track and do 8ths with single foot alternating and 16ths for as long as I can go before fumbling. I've gotten up to 5 minute streches doing 16ths, but my muscles get...
  16. J

    Grinding singles

    So yeah my practice has devolved (player broke down so only the right earbud works) into listening to the metronome and banging out singles with my feet and practicing rolls with my hands. I put the metronome on 70bpm and bang out sixteenths with my feet alternating, working more on my left...
  17. J

    Metal appreciation thread

    Post your favorite metal drummers, hopefully with video! The amount of precision, stamina and feel this sort of music requires on the drums is astounding. Let's appreciate the music a bit in this thread. The venerable Shannon Lucas will kick things off. :beers up:
  18. J

    Playing for a bit, technique?

    No warm up, no metronome. Just playing off the top of my head. No idea how fast this was. So...How am I doing? :)
  19. J

    Gear affects feel

    I got to try a new snare and single pedal today and it was like playing a different kit. I had been playing with older yamaha double pedals and a looser snare, and the sound was so different it was a pleasure to play some blast beats and grooves. The bounce and action in the pedal and snare...
  20. J

    How much time till single stroke competency?

    I'm talking 210+ bpm rolls and blast beats and such. I'm heavily focused on this, and I'm getting to 190+ currently, not for 10 minutes mind you, but the speed has somehow developed over months of grinding. How does one develop the skill to roll for 10 minutes at really fast tempos? Why does a...